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Seriously! If you’ve spent the previous ten years or ten months just painting your nails, you’ve been wasting your time. Worse, if you can only afford a professionally created look for your nails twice a year, you’ve been under-rewarding yourself. Learn how to create your own simple nail designs anytime you choose, from the convenience of your own home.

Simple Nail Designs That Anyone Can Do!

nail designs simple

Simple nail art designs are no longer limited to the first few days after paying $50 for a manicure (hoping they don’t chip before you can show both your friends and random strangers). You should be producing your own designs at home since they are not only less expensive. But you can get some extremely creative and distinctive styles that last just as long as salon designs without spending your weekly allotment.

5 Simple Nail Art for Beginners

  1. Treatments For Two-Tone Nail Polish

simple nail art designs

Basically, do half of your nails in one color and half in another. It’s quite simple to accomplish and may result in some pretty complex simple Halloween nail designs, but you must have a steady hand to get the lines correctly.

Crackle Nail Polish creates a broken effect on your nails. It’s simple to do and yields unique results, especially with the nearly limitless color combinations available between the solid base coat and the top crackle finish.

Making your fingers one color and your thumb a different color (another option is to make your pinky finger or thumbnail a different color). This is difficult because if the colors do not complement each other effectively. It appears as if you started a nail paint job and got tired halfway through!

Creating cute simple nail designs such as flowers, ladybugs, stars, and so on. This is a simple technique that includes using a toothpick as a brush and your nails as a canvas. The issue is that if you’re not cautious, the flower design you just finished may appear too similar to others you see around town.

  1. Nail Magnets

simple halloween nail designs

This is the current, fairly high-tech craze, and it’s very simple to do. It uses special magnetic nail polish and what seem like stamps – but actually, magnets that organize the metal particles in the nail around a design to produce really distinctive designs.

  1. Pencils For Nail Art

cute simple nail designs

These are entertaining and are similar to sketching on your nails with markers (but these contain nail paint!). I prefer creating abstract patterns and swirls on my nails with them because they don’t require the same degree of accuracy as drawing an image.

  1. Nail Stickers

nail art designs

These are “small” stickers that stay to a properly applied varnish or nail and do not run or get deformed when covered with clear nail lacquer. It’s a little messy if they get damaged or ripped and have to be removed, but this is a quick design that doesn’t take long.

  1. Gel Nails or Gelish Nails

makeup revolution

These do not exactly nail designs simple, but when applied properly, gel nails may last up to three weeks without breaking or splitting, dry quickly under a UV light, and creating designs with them results in a longer-lasting design. Because a UV laser is utilized to dry the polish in under 2 minutes, the speed is frequently faster as well.

Know-How To Do Simple Nail Art Designs For Beginners Step By Step

Beginner Tri Color Nail Art

Tri Color- makeup revolution

These nail art designs are basic and ideal for those who are just starting. You only need to arrange the nail polish as desired. We’ve suggested selecting a certain hue, but it’s entirely up to you. There are many color combinations you may play with.

  1. White nail polish
  2. Blue pastel
  3. Pastel coral
How can I do that?
  • To begin, clean your nails. To protect your nails, use a base coat.
  • Apply the pasted blue nail paint to one corner to create vertical stripes, leaving some room near the cuticle.
  • Begin sketching from the middle, a bit lower down.
  • Create a final, lower stripe.
  • And now, beginning from the bottom of the blue, repeat the steps
  • Then, using the pastel coral, do the same thing.
  • It’s only a matter of sealing it with a top coat and you’re done.

I hope this Makeup Revolution blog has inspired you to consider the many different simple nail designs you may create for yourself! 😉

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