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Mehandi is a beautiful and painless way to adorn the body. Flaunting Mehandi art is becoming a popular fashion statement these days. The origins of this art, however, are deeply rooted in the culture of Southeast Asian countries, where women use the simple Mehandi design for all auspicious occasions, religious festivals, and marriages.

How to Make Your Own Simple Mehandi Design

mehandi simple design

To learn how to apply Mehandi, one does not need to be an expert. It is simply a matter of imagination combined with perseverance. The steps below may be useful when creating one’s own simple Mehandi design.

First Step

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First and foremost, inspiration is critical. Many mehndi patterns are available on the internet as tutorials and ebooks. Or, read this post on mehndi designs.

Second Step

simple mehandi design for kids

The second step is to make a Mehandi paste, which is a very simple process. However, with a little practice, things won’t get out of hand. It is important to note that henna dries quickly, and leaves stains on clothing, so use caution when handling the paste.

Pack the paste in plastic cones or Jacquard bottles, which are used to create fabric designs. Some people apply simple Mehandi designs with toothpicks and pre-made dyes. Both of these methods, however, are extremely wasteful.

Step Three

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Then, using the paper design as a guide, apply the mehndi to the hand or transfer the design to the hand using carbon paper. The latter method is better suited to inexperienced designers and perfectionists. After the mehndi has dried, there are a few post-Mehandi application tips that can deepen the color and make it last for a longer period of time.

Step Four

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A solution of sugar and lemon juice, for example, acts as a fixative for the dye in henna. This paste also serves to keep the mehndi hydrated so that it can continue to penetrate and color the skin’s superficial layers. The oxidation reaction of the henna is responsible for the deepening of the color of Mehandi design simple. Heat, whether internal or external, accelerates this reaction.

Step Five

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Furthermore, exposing hands to the smoke produced by burning cloves or keeping them near a heat source results in a darker and longer-lasting color. Some people cover their hands with paper or plastic and leave the mehndi on overnight.

The reddish-brown color is enhanced by the preserved body heat. To summarise, Mehandi design simple and easy application is one of the most elegant and royal body arts that has adorned us since the dawn of time.

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