Mineral makeup

Mineral makeup is a new beauty trend and has become popular with lots of women. Its popularity is partly thanks to the numerous health benefits it claims. Best mineral makeup (such as mineral makeup eyeshadow) is known to pose zero allergy risks, does not clog pores, and cannot support bacteria. Furthermore, you can even make mineral makeup at home!

Homemade Natural Makeup

Mineral Makeup

Now, the question arises; how to make makeup such as mineral makeup eyeshadow? Well, it is not too hard. You don’t need to be a professional chemist to make your own makeup. You can learn to make it at home with simple natural organic products and mineral makeup supplies.

Making your own makeup at home has a lot of benefits. For instance, you will know the exact ingredients that go in making your makeup and their purity, so you will know if the makeup is safe for you or not. This is a significant advantage for people with sensitive skin, skin irritations, and allergies.

When you make your own makeup such as your eyeshadow, you get a chance to play around with different scents, colors, and makeup supplies. It also allows you to create shades that suit your skin tone perfectly, and you can add ingredients that will highlight and nourish certain features of your skin.

Always Use Natural Ingredients

Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is made up of natural organic products from the earth, without most of the preservatives, dyes, and chemicals found in traditional makeup. Furthermore, it contains titanium dioxide that has anti-inflammatory properties, which has a calming and soothing effect on irritated skin. This is particularly important for people who suffer from various inflammatory problems like acne or rosacea.

There are lots of tutorials and recipes on the internet you can use to make the Best mineral makeup with natural organic products. But before you get down to making it, you will first have to decide what type of makeup you want to make and the makeup supplies you will need.

You can make magic mineral makeup eyeshadow, lipstick, or foundation, and find a recipe accordingly. There are lots of recipes for making magic mineral makeup eyeshadow, but we will concentrate on making natural homemade foundation for now.

Let’s see now how to make the makeup. Here is an easy way to make natural homemade foundations from natural organic products.

How to Make Mineral Makeup: Natural Homemade Foundation

Natural Homemade Foundation

Some of the makeup supplies mentioned below may be hard to find, but you will be able to find them on the internet. Here are the natural organic products you will need:

8 tsp micronized titanium dioxide
4 tsp zinc oxide
1 tsp magnesium stearate
3 tsp sericite mica
1/16 tsp browniron oxide pigments
Pinch ofred iron oxide pigments
½ – 1 tsp yellow iron oxide pigments
5 drops vitamin E oil
¼ tsp jojoba oil
4-8 drops essential oil (optional) (You could use tea-tree oil to treat acne or carrot seed oil for skin-rejuvenation)
A sifting jar
A small grinder or mortar & pestle
Large full brush for foundation
Measuring Spoons

Before using any of the mineral makeup brands mentioned above, make sure to read up on them and have knowledge about their possible allergic reactions and side effects. You could also research whether they would suit your skin type to ensure you don’t use any harmful ingredients in your makeup, even when making other makeup.

First, mix all the dry natural organic products (micronized titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, magnesium stearate, sericite mica, and all three iron oxide pigments) in a mortar & pestle, or grinder. Take your time to smash everything up until it is uniform.

Then, mix in all the wet natural organic products (jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, and essential oil) and smash it up again to distribute the liquids evenly and have a uniform mixture. The liquid ingredients will seem as if they are being absorbed by the minerals, but keep in mind that they need to be mixed thoroughly and evenly in order to have a uniform mixture.


Natural Homemade Foundation

If you want a matte finish, you could add another tsp of sericite mica. I case you want to change the color of the natural homemade foundation, you can add more iron oxide pigments. If you want a lighter shade, you could add more sericite mica, titanium dioxide, or zinc oxide.

When making the makeup keep a notebook with you at all times, and remember to note any changes you make to the recipe. When using the natural homemade foundation, you can observe what you like and don’t like, and write it down in the notebook too. This way, when you make the natural homemade foundation again, you will know exactly what you liked and what you used so that you can use the correct makeup supplies to make the perfect mixture again.

Now that your mineral makeup is complete, transfer it in a sifting jar with the help of a funnel so that you can use it easily and whenever you want 😉

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