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There’s nothing wrong with being straightforward. In truth, basic and easy may be enjoyable and soothing, including nail art. Sometimes the most incredible part isn’t the sort with a complicated decal or a rainbow of vivid colors. Sometimes the nail designs we adore—and may even require—are the most understated. Consider negative space, tiny dots, French tips, bright colors, glitter accents, and other elements. Have a look at these simple nail designs.

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Simple Nail Designs

Simple Nail Designs

We searched far and low for the most outstanding basic nail art ideas to help you design your following nail style. You’ll be a DIY manicure guru if you have the right polish colors, base coat, topcoat, decorating tools, and this list of mani styles.


  1. Polka Dot Toe Nail Art

Polka Dot Toe Nail Art
BY- PINTEREST / Source- Google Images

Simple polka dots on the toe nail designs simple and lovely. It offers a retro appearance. Just paint your nails any color and apply contrasting drops using a dotting tool or toothpick to achieve this look. When the design has dried, apply a topcoat.

  1. Half Moon Toe Nail Art

Half Moon Toe Nail Art
BY- STYLECRAZE / Source- Google Images

Choose a fashionable ombre nail art style!

A contrasting glitter placed asymmetrically across the nails may liven up the look of a monotone manicure color. You may also use stylish rhinestones that can be put over wet nail paint.

Making a half-moon on your foot’s thumb and switching the colors on your other toenails looks extremely elegant and is quite simple to execute. Your feet will notice!

  1. Stamping on Toe Nails

Stamping on Toe Nails
BY- PINTEREST / Source- Google Images

Nail Stamping Art is one of the most popular recent trends. It is simple, quick, and efficient. Simply apply or stamp the pre-designed pictures on your toes. Because other nails are too small to stamp on, you can use your thumb as an accent nail.

  1. Floral Pattern on Toe Nails

Floral Pattern on Toe Nails
BY- PINTEREST / Source- Google Images

The most beautiful toe nail art paint is floral. You may paint the toe in any color you like and then design a flower on it.

It will be straightforward to draw them on the toes, like the one in the photo, if you are excellent at freehand painting.

Isn’t this looking lovely?

  1. Multicolored Thumb

Multicolored Thumb
BY- STYLECRAZE / Source- Google Images

You may use various colors on your thumb while keeping the rest of your toes basic. You may match these colors to your clothing.

This nail art will appear sophisticated. It may be made more interesting by applying glitters.


  1. Glitter Gel

Glitter Gel nail art
BY- PINTEREST / Source- Google Images

Are you looking for a simple method to add a glittering touch to your regular manicure?

Then these easy rhinestone nail art ideas are ideal for you. The glitter in them ups your glam factor. Here, orange and gold nails are painted, ideal for the fall season or gatherings.

  1. Play with Different Shapes

Play with Different Shapes nail art
BY- NYKAA / Source- Google Images

Because of their various shapes and sizes, rhinestones allow for an unlimited number of combinations. The primary color here is royal blue, but you may use any hue.

  1. French Manicure with Rhinestones

French Manicure with Rhinestones
BY- PINTEREST / Source- Google Images

French tips are classic and timeless, but rhinestones may give them a fresh and fashionable appeal. Simple white crystals utilize here, but you may also use multicolored stones.

  1. Wedding Nails

Wedding Nails
BY- CRAZYNAILZZ / Source- Google Images

Everyone is looking forward to seeing that wedding ring on your finger at this time, so keep your nail design elegant. This style works nicely with pastel hues.

  1. Red Nails

Red Nails
BY- PINTEREST / Source- Google Images

Red is both a traditional and a contemporary hue. It denotes strength, love, passion, and self-assurance. Different red rhinestones are helpful here to make your nails seem elegant and attractive.


  1. On the Farm

On the Farm nail art
BY- TWITTER.COM / Source- Google Images

Cow print has been a popular manicure style for quite some time, but Georgia-based nail designer Sydney Martin shows a fresh take on the pattern. Instead of the traditional white and black, try a clear base with baby-blue splotches, as seen on these extra-long, tapered, square nails.

  1. Sharp Angles

Sharp Angles
BY- PINTEREST / Source- Google Images

You’re probably used to seeing simple acrylic nail designs, but they don’t necessarily have to be. Take a look at this manicure by Misty Gawdess, a nail artist located in Brooklyn. The length is ideal for people frightened by lengthier designs or who live a lifestyle that necessitates shorter nails. We adore the vibrant colors she used to form the angled lines at the points of this nude, square-shaped piece.

  1. Nostalgic Memories

Nostalgic Memories
BY- DAZEDDIGITAL / Source- Google Images

Hello, Kitty was a familiar face in many of our lives, and Houston-based nail designer Jasmine paid homage to the fictitious mascot with this colorful manicure. She’s known for her ’90s-inspired designs, which can be seen here, particularly on the middle and index fingers. We enjoy how the 3D decals, such as Hello Kitty’s face, contrast with the abstract neon art.

  1. White Out

White Out
BY- BEBEAUTIFUL / Source- Google Images

Like these nails by Durham-based nail artist Kiera Taylor, a chalk-white pair is always a safe bet. She dressed up the basic look with an enclosed accent nail on each hand. You can notice bits of iridescent and gold glitter if you look attentively.

  1. Mismatched Manis

Mismatched Manis
BY- MAKEUP / Source- Google Images

Painting your nails all the same color is a thing of the past. People nowadays want to experiment with various patterns on each finger, as seen in this mismatched manicure by Brooklyn-based Jasmine Lewis. We can’t pick which manicure is our favorite, but the way she combined vibrant yellow, orange, pink, green, and blue tones is stunning.


  1. Two-Toned Tips

Two-Toned Tips
BY- PINTEREST / Source- Google Images

This basic split-color manicure is classy but playful. Furthermore, according to the nail artist and Sundays Studio founder Amy Lin, it may help make your nails seem longer – no acrylics required. These classy simple nail designs are just awesome.

“This simply does with a brush,” she explains, adding that tape is a beautiful alternative for novices. “Use an angular pattern to extend the appearance of your nails.”

  1. Sweet Strawberries

Sweet Strawberries
BY- PINTEREST / Source- Google Images

When you look at this manicure by nail artist Amber Green, you can’t help but feel better. The bright pink lacquer and strawberries strewn over several nails allude to more radiant, sunnier days — presumably spring and summer. We propose Ella+Mila’s nail polish in Brave for a comparable brilliant pink that will make everyone wink.

  1. The Far-From-Typical French

The Far-From-Typical French
BY- PARENTING / Source- Google Images

This stylish black-and-neon design by Mei Kawajiri, a nail designer based in New York City, proves that the French manicure can be anything but basic — and professionals agree.

The new French manicure is no longer about making the exact half-moon shape, but rather about establishing a line, even if it’s a tiny line with a bright colour. It’s not about getting the exact shape, but about utilising colour to express yourself.

Feel free to utilize whichever high-voltage colors you currently have in your collection for this look.

  1. Bowie Lightning Bolts

Bowie Lightning Bolts
BY- POPSUGAR / Source- Google Images

With these skillfully painted lightning bolts, pay respect to singer David Bowie’s musical heritage. Hannah Missen, the nail artist behind this design, suggests “marking each point of the lightning bolt with four small dots, then using a super-thin detail brush to combine the lines and thicken where needed” to get those red-and-blue bolts just so. For a comparable soft white lacquer, try OPI’s, Alpine Snow.

  1. Geometric Half Moons

Geometric Half Moons
BY- COSMOPOLITAN / Source- Google Images

This festive red manicure nail designs simple isn’t just appropriate for the holidays. Wear this cut-out, geometric half-moon pattern at any time of year, and you’ll get plenty of praises.

Lin explains why it works for simple nail designs for short nails: “A negative space design like this may be long-lasting and stays on even as your nails grow out.” In terms of execution, she recommends using tape since it gives you the best chance of creating clean and accurate lines.


  1. Peach Coffin Nail Design

Peach Coffin Nail Design
BY- PINTEREST / Source- Google Images

French etiquette, like all good things, has developed. The nails of the future are these diagonal, two-toned, peachy French tips. At least until they begin to chip. What’s the next step, stepping on land?

  1. Yin and Yang Rainbow Coffin Nails

Yin and Yang Rainbow Coffin Nails
BY- HYPEBAE / Source- Google Images

We’re all about balance here, just like yin and yang. The same is true for the cake: equal parts icing and extra icing.

  1. Sunflower Coffin Nail Art

Sunflower Coffin Nail Art
BY- PINTEREST / Source- Google Images

We’ve discovered a new way to press flowers. We started losing track of which books all of our flowers were in.

  1. Coffin Skittle Nails

Coffin Skittle Nails
BY- PINTEREST / Source- Google Images

Simply ask your nail artist to design a skittles manicure inspired by Simon Cowell’s deep v-neck shirts for this look.

  1. Neon Coffin Nails

Neon Coffin Nails
BY- PINTEREST / Source- Google Images

In this manicure, neon polish and animal print smash do it like animals, making it ideal for your next forest rage.


  1. Statement Red

Statement Red
BY- PINTEREST / Source- Google Images

What woman doesn’t like a traditional red manicure?

The modest star embellishment on the ring finger elevates it to new heights. To create these cute simple nail designs or the stars and other details seen in this roundup, pick up this 10-Piece Nail Art Brush Set or a comparable set.

  1. Shimmering Tips

Shimmering Tips
BY- PINTEREST / Source- Google Images

Make your nude nails stand out with a gold swiping at the tips. Consider a hefty metallic color, such as L’Oréal’s Color Riche Nail Gold Dust.

  1. White Stripe

White Stripe
BY- PINTEREST / Source- Google Images

Less is more in this scenario. The simplicity of these neutral nails with a small white line along the center appeals to us.

  1. Pastel Mismatch

Pastel Mismatch
BY- BURO24 / Source- Google Images

We like a beautiful pastel nail look, and having a variety of color options is even better. For a polished nail art effect that doesn’t require any hard accuracy, mirror the color arrangement on each hand.

  1. Golden Stripes

Golden Stripes
BY- LULUS / Source- Google Images

This nail design is almost too simple. Swipe a thin gold polish, such as FingerPaints’ Striping Polish in He-Art of Gold, down the middle of your nails, then apply a topcoat. The design above displays stripes over half-painted nails, offering ideas on making your mani last longer as it grows out.


  1. 70s Daisies

70s Daisies
BY- PINTEREST / Source- Google Images

We haven’t been able to stop thinking about these ’70s roses since we saw them on Dua Lipa. The vivid oranges and yellows make them appear edgy rather than fussy.

  1. Confetti Daisies

Confetti Daisies
BY- PINTEREST / Source- Google Images

These tiny little daisies are Kaia Gerber-approved and incredibly simple to make. Begin with a sheer foundation, like Essie’s Skinny Dip, and then add flowers with a dotting tool or the end of a bobby pin. For a confetti effect, make the center of each blossom a different color.

  1. Studded Flowers

Studded Flowers
BY- MISSKYRA / Source- Google Images

Classic daisies toughen up with pointed ends and studs. These look equally as good with a leather jacket as with a bikini this summer.

  1. Baby Blue

simple nail designs
BY- BHAVYANAILARTS / Source- Google Images

The combination of baby blue and vivid daisies conjures up images of sunny skies (even if it’s snowing outside). For a similar cheerful color, try Essie’s Bikini So Teeny.

  1. Flower French

Flower French nail art
BY- BLURMARK / Source- Google Images

At this moment, it’s indisputable that the French manicure has been an enormous fad in recent years. Bright, vivid blooms will add a splash of color.


  1. Black Gel Nails

Black Gel Nails
BY- BHAVYANAILARTS / Source- Google Images

If you want a basic yet traditional all-black manicure appearance, I recommend using black nail paint on your short simple nail designs or natural nails!

However, I recommend using gel nail polish since it looks better and lasts longer! Nothing is worse than damaged black nails so that gel will care for you.

  1. Black Nails with Sparkles

Black Nails with Sparkles
BY- PINTEREST / Source- Google Images

Try this excellent manicure style to add some shine to your black nails!

The pic demonstrates how to get black nails with silver glitter accents. This nail look may appear challenging, but you can follow this lesson to learn how to achieve this identical manicure design – it’s not as difficult as you would think.

To achieve a similar effect, apply glitter nail paint in whichever way you please on top of black nail lacquer.

  1. Matte Black Nails with Glossy Tip

Matte Black Nails with Glossy Tip
BY- ETSY / Source- Google Images

If you like the matte nail appearance, try this fun variant for short nails! The nails are flat with a glossy tip.

It is ideal if you like the aesthetic of French nails. In black, the feeling is beautiful; it’s surprising and extraordinary.

  1. Black Nails with Rhinestones

Black Nails with Rhinestones
BY- ENTERTAINMENTMESH / Source- Google Images

If you want to jazz up your standard black nail paint, rhinestones are a terrific way to go.

You may also get a stunning black nail style by combining rhinestones with unique patterns, as demonstrated in this article.

  1. Black & Gold Nails

Black & Gold Nails
BY- YOUTUBE / Source- Google Images

Another excellent approach to achieve a lovely black nail appearance is with gold! You have to put some gold glitter nail paint on black nails to make them stand out. If you want to create a specific manicure design using gold and black nail paint, simply follow this instruction to achieve this gorgeous nail appearance! (It would be ideal for New Year’s Eve or any upcoming formals.)


  1. Opaque Nails with Clear Rose Accent

Opaque Nails with Clear Rose Accent
BY- PINTEREST / Source- Google Images

This design has a lot of flair and class because it uses white twice. The stunning white rose accent nail provides the proper interest to the invention without being overpowering. The decision to set this on a transparent foundation is brilliant and creates a beautiful image.

  1. All Over White Matte Nails

simple nail designs
BY- AMAZON / Source- Google Images

These nails are ideal if you want to opt for a simple and beautiful aesthetic. A single hue produces a striking design with no frills or hassle. When using a single color, make sure your nails are nicely cut and curved. When things are kept simple, every tiny detail is on display.

  1. Solid White Nail with Minimalist Artistic Accent Nail

simple white nail designs

These brilliant white nails are eye-catching, but when paired with a highly excellent minimalist art portrait as an accent, they become out of this world. The artwork highlights the natural white of the nails and executes them so that it stands out.

  1. Glossy Gray and White Marbling

Glossy Gray and White Marbling nail art
BY- UBUY / Source- Google Images

Grays and whites complement each other well since they are only a few shades away. The grey is left clean in this pattern, while the white has a subtle marbled appearance. Offsetting which nails on each hand are hue is a creative approach that results in a distinctive and trendy overall aesthetic.

  1. It’s Black, and It’s White

It's Black, and It's White
BY- PINTEREST / Source- Google Images

These almond-shaped vivid black and white alternating nails are a timeless combination that combines the best of both worlds. This chic white nail design incorporates both hues for a dark and bright dynamic effect. Wear this wacky appearance to a night of whimsy or a wacky costume party. These nails are a lot of fun since they are both exciting and gentle enough to wear regularly.


  1. Gold-Dipped

classy simple nail designs
BY- PINTEREST / Source- Google Images

Welcome to our favorite manicure: one that looks professional but is simple to do at home with the appropriate equipment. Tessa began by applying a layer of her favorite sheer base polish, Orly’s Rose-Colored Glasses. Next, she used a half-layer of Kinno gold foil flakes, which seems abstract and uneven. She then added a combination of white and red hearts with a heart stamper before finishing with glossy lacquer. This style is for people who can’t paint freehand.

  1. Ace of Hearts

Ace of Hearts nail art
BY- PINTEREST / Source- Google Images

With this design that resembles a deck of cards, nail artist Betina Goldstein reminds us that finding love is all about the luck of the draw. She painted the numerals and suits in this instantly identifiable homage using a classic simple red nail designs or polish from Essie’s 2021 Valentine’s Day collection (now out of stock, but this year’s Love-Note Worthy blue-toned red will serve wonderfully as a replacement). As a bonus, you may utilize the design for the World Series of Poker.

  1. Half-Moon Kiss

Half-Moon Kiss nail art
BY- PINTEREST / Source- Google Images

Try Miss Pop’s Valentine’s design if you find it difficult to let go of your festive nail art after the holiday in question. The nail artist used a striping brush to paint pink and purple kisses above a soft-pink backdrop, leaving a transparent half-moon that will evolve into a waxing moon as your nails grow so that you may wear this manicure until St. Patrick’s Day.

  1. Bleeding Hearts

classy simple nail designs
BY- COSMETICPROOF / Source- Google Images

Do you feel like you stab in the chest or that you’re about to set the entire notion of Valentine’s Day on fire? Heather’s bleeding hearts are an excellent place to start. She hand-painted this relaxed look using Gel Bottle Inc’s Teddy (a buildable, soft pink-nude) and Laceleaf (a vibrant crimson), which works equally well for someone in the lustful throes of an early love as it does for someone whose heart is shattered and melted.

  1. Festive French

Festive French nail art
BY- COSMOPOLITAN / Source- Google Images

Aside from looking great with a Valentine’s Day cake pop, this reversible French (not to be confused with reverse French, which will be covered later) is an excellent option if you like both colors equally. Begin by applying two base layers in alternate hues to one or more accent nails. “Once dry, use a detail brush to apply the thin, red tip to the top of the nail, going close to the edge and following the form of the nail,” Savanna Galvan, a nail technician at Bellacures beauty salon in Los Angeles, advises. “Once the nails have dried, apply the opposing color on the ring finger.”


  1. Rainbow Tips

Rainbow Tips nail art
BY- PINTEREST / Source- Google Images

Rainbow tips in two colors? Talk about a fun way to rock a current French manicure.

  1. Pink and Orange

Pink and Orange
BY- FABMOOD / Source- Google Images

The most excellent part about these abstract pink and orange nails is that they don’t take much work to create. Simply apply a couple of layers of color and finish with a few tiny black dots all about.

  1. Dainty Florals

Dainty Florals nail art
BY- PINTEREST / Source- Google Images

What a lovely pair of flowery nails! We like how the foundation incorporates the milky-white manicure trend.

  1. Opal Shell

Opal Shell nail art
BY- POPSUGAR / Source- Google Images

This opalescent nail style is highly adaptable, appearing naked in certain lights and wonderfully reflected in others.

  1. Tortoiseshell Nails

Tortoiseshell Nails art
BY- ELITEDAILY / Source- Google Images

Everyone’s favorite hair accessory and eyewear material is now available as a base for your next nail design.


  1. Faux Stiletto Tips

Faux Stiletto Tips nail art
BY- DESERTCART / Source- Google Images

If you like the look of stiletto nails but are concerned about having sharp talons, try this oval nail style that creates the illusion of sharp claws.

  1. Milky White Tips

simple white nail designs
BY- MAKEUP / Source- Google Images

These milky white oval nails are fashionable because of their form and translucent glass.

  1. Gold Glitter Tips

simple nail designs
BY- PINTEREST / Source- Google Images

We like a neutral nail, but there’s no denying that a bit of glitter adds a pop of color.

  1. Ombré French Tips

Ombré French Tips
BY- PINTEREST / Source- Google Images

A pink-to-white ombré fading is one method to modernize a basic French manicure.

  1. Outlined Nails

Outlined Nails
BY- POPSUGAR / Source- Google Images

Who knew that outlining your oval nails with gold nail paint could create a fantastic manicure?


  1. Make It Matte

simple nail art designs
BY- BEBEAUTIFUL / Source- Google Images

Something is enticing about a manicure aesthetic that lacks traditional luster. To add a little something more, use one finger for some negative space movement.

  1. Mix And Match

cute simple nail designs
BY- INDIAMART / Source- Google Images

Red, nude, and lilac are lovely and surprising color combinations. Experiment with various colors and designs on each finger to spice things up even more.

  1. Cherry Print

Cherry Print
BY- GOODHOUSEKEEPING / Source- Google Images

With the addition of ultra-cutesy cherry nail decals, you may transform a bare or sheer manicure appearance.

  1. Gold Foil

Gold Foil nail art
BY- THREADS.WERINDIA / Source- Google Images

The glittering gold foil gives a touch of oomph to a ruby red manicure.

  1. Full Bloom

Full Bloom nail art
BY- PINTEREST / Source- Google Images

A flower-inspired pattern that isn’t overly feminine or sunny, making it the perfect transition mani for warmer weather.


  1. Brown Tips

Brown Tips nail art
BY- CHASINGDAISIESBLOG / Source- Google Images

It is the most straightforward form of look. It’s classic and current because it’s a twist on the traditional French manicure. You may make plain brown tips (which I’m doing right now) or brown tips with a more elaborate pattern. For ideas, have a look at the photographs below.

  1. Nude Heart Designs

simple nail art designs
BY- ITAKEYOU / Source- Google Images

This style reminds me of heart motifs on white tombstones in cemeteries. It’s adorable, and it’s one of my current favorites! Over deep brown nails, paint a light nude heart. You’ll also find a plethora of sample photographs down below.

  1. Brown Heart Designs

simple nail designs
BY- PINTEREST / Source- Google Images

This design is quite similar to the nude heart pattern. However, instead of any color at the top, it has brown. I like this style since it’s easy enough that anyone can pull it off! I recommend applying these brown heart designs on lighter brown or nude nails to make the hearts stand out.

  1. Brown Tips with Dots

Brown Tips with Dots nail art

This style is basic and clean, but it’s also really charming. It’s ideal for a casual fall look since it has just enough pop to be intriguing without daring.

  1. Geo Heart Designs

simple nail designs
BY- YOUTUBE / Source- Google Images

It is my fave fall outfit so far! I like how these nails are bare yet have enough complexity to be intriguing without being difficult to do. It’s ideal for fall because it’s warm but still enjoyable.


Finally, nail art is art; that is a truth. We’ve all seen insanely intricate nail designs that should be on exhibit at the Louvre. But, as unique as sophisticated nail art may be, so are simple nail designs—particularly those that appear more complicated than the method required to achieve them. Animal print, psychedelic swirls, and hallucinogenic slime are some nail art examples that can seem professional but are pretty easy to DIY yourself. Even traditional techniques, such as French manicures, maybe more excellent by adding a modest and easy tweak, such as painting the tips with neon or glitter. I hope you girls have loved above simple nail designs.

Loader image

I believe that at first, one should only concentrate on simple designs such as straight lines, curves, or circles. With time, one should progress to more intricate and slightly complicated designs that seem not only pretty but also wonderful. You can refer to the article above.

Painting your nails at home may appear hard, but happily, there are several nail designs available that almost anybody can nail (see what we did there?) without years of expertise and training. We combed the Internet for the most straightforward nail designs ever created and decided to compile them all in one location. Continue reading the above post attached to this FAQ to discover a wealth of simple nail designs that make the notion of at-home nail art feel a lot less intimidating.

Nail art can be addictive because there are so many different ideas. Try it at home with easy handmade ideas that you will never get tired of with standard color pencils, markers, paper, toothpicks, glitter, etc.

Don't forget to apply a basic white shade layer to protect your nails before applying a bright nail shade for the second coat, which looks lovely.

Try these two:

Thin Stripy Nails

A fan brush may use to create fragile, striped nails. Once your base color has dried, dip the tips of the fan brush’s bristles in different paint and brush over your nail horizontally. Please wait for it to dry before continuing the process with any other colors you like.

Scotch Tape is Your Friend

You don't need a tattoo artist's steady hand to produce the ideal zig-zags or stripes; all you need is scotch tape to guide you. Before taping and painting again, allow the base color to dry for at least an hour.

Nail art is simple. There are several lessons available, ranging from beginner to professional nail art. All you need for a beginner's manicure are a few nail colors, toothpicks that act as dotting tools, and scotch tape for stripes! Most importantly, you will require patience. Nail art takes time, and more practice is necessary for more excellent outcomes.

Most consumers choose one of the five basic nail shapes: square, round, oval, squoval, or pointed. Though there are various mixed combinations of these forms, these five are the most popular.

It takes some time, but I genuinely feel that shooting amazing images is one of the most important things you can do for your marketing, brand, and, eventually, the growth of your nail business.

It presents your work in the best possible light, but it also draws the attention of individuals scrolling through Instagram. Professional photographs help you to appear polished, professional, and talented.

So, I experimented with several ways to discover what worked best for images. I experimented with several lighting approaches, positions, and cameras. I even constructed a lightbox (which was a lot of fun!)

You can add a little bling and shine to your nails with short nail paint wraps. There are many fantastic patterns in brilliant colors that are inexpensive and simple to apply. You may wear them as accent pieces, beneath or over your nail color.

It is how it's done.

  • Match the width of the strip to the size of your nail.
  • Peel off the strip and apply it, repositioning if required and pressing to secure it.
  • Use a fine nail file to remove any excess.

The fundamental principle that I adhere to when performing Nail Art is

I'm cleaning my nails.

Then I choose the design I want, put clear nail polish or paint, and remove the sticker or strips that we generally use in nail art.

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