Mac Retro Matte Lipstick Carnivorous: Best Burgundy Lipstick in India

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MAC retro matte lipstick burgundy is a lipstick shading that would look great on all skin toneslight, dim, and dull. Burgundy lipsticks can make have a significant influence when you need to hype the lips and offer a strong expression. In this post, here is my MAC retro matte liquid lipstick review of the best Burgundy Lipsticks in India.

MAC Cosmetic’s Carnivorous MAC Retro Matte Lipstick

MAC retro matte lipstick

It has been depicted as a dark red shade in a liquid lipstick matte recipe. This delicate equation doesn’t smear or move that much.

MAC Cosmetic’s Carnivorous MAC Retro Matte Lipstick

MAC Cosmetics is the cosmetics brand of each cosmetics lover. Since I love liquid lipsticks I got MAC MAC retro matte lipstick in the shade Carnivorous. MAC cosmetics has as of late incorporated a couple of new shades to this reach and the vast majority of them are either bare or striking. Predatory is a shade from their intense area. Peruse on to find out about Retro matte lipstick MAC.

INR 1850 5 ml

Shade Description

For the individuals who incline toward ageless allure to hard and fast blaze, matte rules. MAC Cosmetics presents a wind on this exemplary surface with heartily immersed shades of MAC retro matte lipstick. Whichever conceal you pick, all guarantee a certain something: a sprinkle of shading in a liquid calfskin finish that is difficult to neglect.



  • Long-wearing, 8 hours
  • Color wears uniformly and easily for 8 hours
  • Provides stay genuine nature
  • Non-draining and non-padding

My Experience With MAC Carnivorous Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour

MAC retro matte lipstick


Actually like other MAC Cosmetics items, this liquid lipstick likewise arrives in an exceptionally tasteful black box. The real lipstick arrives in a wonderful transparent bottle with a dark cap. It looks so overall quite smooth. This reasonable bottle is additionally simple to distinguish. It likewise has a pleasant, pointed implement. The tool has a level side, which assists with applying lipstick rapidly, and its sharp tip assists with characterizing the lips well. I truly like this bundling and the nature of the bottle is additionally generally excellent.


MAC Cosmetics offers a wide assortment of shades and I got a very strong MAC retro matte lipstick shade. This shade is called Carnivorous and it has been depicted as a dark red. All the rage, it would seem that a dull vampy red shade. It looks exceptionally appealing and upgrades my medium skin tone. It will suit all skin tones, however. Such intense shades are not liked by everybody except I really like such vampy conceals.

In spite of the fact that individuals guarantee that such shades are implied distinctly for winters, I accept they look excellent during summers, as well. This shade is very pigmented and requires just one swipe for a decent shading payoff. Because of the pigmentation, it can shroud pigmentation too.

Surface and Quality


This lipstick has a very delicate, mousse-like, incredibly rich surface that floats easily on the lips with no pulling. It feels rich, exactly how a MAC lipstick ought to be. This lipstick goes super easily all the rage and feels light. It feels entirely great on the lips and never looks sketchy or feels tacky. Additionally, layering doesn’t make it substantial.

It requires a couple of moments to dry out totally, and once dries down, it transforms into an ideal, delicate matte surface. It looks so wonderful!

Yet, this lipstick needs a lip liner under it for that ideal, perfect, and clean application. Since this is a dull shade and has a very smooth surface, it is somewhat hard to keep authority over the tool.

Numerous individuals guarantee that MAC cosmetics have improved the equation of this reach. The past range was dry in nature. I have not utilized the past recipe however this new shade has a very smooth and non-drying equation. It feels truly good on the lips and has a pleasant matte completion. This liquid lipstick doesn’t feel dry by any stretch of the imagination.

MAC retro matte liquid lipstick swatches give a decent measure of hydration to the lips and keep them delicate for long. It will suit dry lips just as it never features dry patches. This delicate recipe doesn’t smear or move naturally, yet the issue begins solely after supper. With slick food, this equation does move and smear somewhat. Along these lines, I can’t say that it’s a 100% exchange evidence lipstick.


Lipstick Makeup

This MAC retro matte liquid lipstick swatch endures long with ordinary food – around 8 hours. It can endure ordinary food pleasantly without making any wreck. Since the equation isn’t completely moving evidence, it looks blurred from the focal point of the lips after a hefty supper.

Likewise, the lip line looks marginally untidy after a slick supper. In any case, the lip tone doesn’t drop or sink into the almost negligible differences. I can without much of a stretch reapply it and another layer doesn’t make it sketchy. The lipstick actually feels great and delicate on the lips. Likewise, it gets eliminated effectively from the lips without abandoning any stain.

Pros And Cons Of MAC Retro Matte Lipstick Swatches

Pros & Cons

  • Beautiful bundling

  • The gorgeous dim vampy red shade

  • Looks extremely striking and glitzy on the lips

  • Suits all skin tones

  • Excellent pigmentation

  • Mousse-like very delicate surface

  • Lightweight and agreeable

  • Doesn’t feel inconsistent or tacky

  • Settles down to a delicate matte surface

  • Doesn’t smirch and move consequently

  • Lasts long (around 8-9 hours)

  • Can endure non-sleek suppers

  • Does not subside into the almost negligible differences

  • Does not stain the lips

  • Easy to eliminate

  • Expensive

  • Transfers and smircesh with sleek food

  • Looks marginally blurred after a hefty feast


MAC retro matte lipstick Carnivorous is a stunning liquid lipstick and I love this agreeable, lightweight, and delicate equation. Indeed, it smircesh a little however I actually love it. This liquid lipstick really feels like a rich lip tone. Likewise, Carnivorous is a very intense and hot shade, which I figure each cosmetics terrible ought to have in her assortment.


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