Loreal Infallible Foundation- How To Choose Best Foundation

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Before coming directly to Loreal’s infallible foundation, let me share something catchy on the Foundation makeup. No matter if you’re going for a natural or dramatic look, the foundation is the most important element in your make-up, so you have to choose it very wisely.

Loreal infallible foundation

Choosing the Perfect Foundation

With hundreds of brands to choose from, it can be quite tricky to decide on just one, especially because of the ads, which promise a silky, smooth and flawless complexion.

But before being lured by porcelain skin models and glamorous TV commercials, keep in mind that there is no such thing as a foundation that does wonders for everyone. I am going to share my catches on Loreal infallible foundation in my makeup-revolution blog 😉

Just like skincare products, the efficiency of a liquid or solid foundation depends on how well it adapts to your skin tone. With that in mind, avoid investing in make-up that doesn’t suit you, because you might waste money. Instead, find out what skin type you have, read product descriptions carefully, and discover which foundation is best for you.


If you have normal skin, you’re probably the luckiest of women, because most foundations will work for you. Therefore, when you go shopping for a foundation, choose something that has a light texture and a low to medium coverage. Since you have no serious blemishes or imperfections, you need something that evens out the skin tone and not necessarily conceals.

Avoid foundations for dry skin, because they will make you look oily and clog pores, and foundations for oily skin, which can be overly drying. Instead, focus on the shade of the foundation. Choosing a product that adapts to your skin tone will help you achieve that flawless, “Photoshopped” skin and you won’t look like you’re wearing any make-up. Foundations for normal skin are the easiest to find.


loreal foundation

Things are trickier with acne-prone skin because you need a foundation that does two things: one, conceal imperfections without looking like a mask, and two, prevent blemishes from getting worse. You will have to look at the ingredients and analyze the formula of the foundation to make sure it doesn’t have too many fragrance or chemical ingredients.

A good example in this department is the Loreal infallible foundation, which covers imperfections and it’s also very gentle on the skin. This is also good if you have dry, sensitive skin because Loreal infallible foundation is made of 95% minerals.


To prevent make-up from gliding all over your face after a few hours, you need a foundation made specifically for combination or oily skin. Although mousse foundations do a very good job, you can also opt for a liquid foundation, if it has oil-absorbing particles.

There are several expensive brands available, but in the past years, many drugstore brands have released great alternatives, such as the Revlon ColorStay for oily skin. One of the Loreal powder foundation products that are created for girls with oily skin is the Loreal infallible foundation powder, which lasts for up to 18 hours.

To be extra safe that your make-up won’t rub off, you can use a mattifying powder to set everything in place. This Loreal powder foundation is considered the best Loreal powder foundation product.

How To Choose The Correct Foundation Color For Your Skin

loreal infallible foundation

Every woman on earth has her own look and with it her own beauty. As we all know, women and even men have used makeup since the beginning of our existence. We are fortunate enough to live in a world where the makeup industry has evolved dramatically where there are many different products to use. But it must be said that the key to flawless skin starts by applying the correct foundation to your skin.

Not all types and color foundations will be perfect for everyone. Therefore you must find the perfect foundation type and color for your skin. To begin you must know where you’re going to buy your foundation. These days you can buy makeup from almost any kind of store or shop online.


You will find cheap bargains from offline/online stores and even pharmacies, but the best place to buy your makeup are from specialized makeup stores. These stores have trained makeup artists who can assist you in choosing the correct foundation colors and the correct types for your specific skin type.

Your skin type should be the first thing you should look at when deciding on which foundation type you’re going to use.

Take a look in the mirror or ask a consultant to know in what condition your skin is in. Is your skin very dry?

Or does your skin tend to be very oily?

It is also possible that your skin can be oily and sometimes dry. It’s sometimes difficult to know in which category you fall so it’s better to ask a professional makeup artist.


Loreal foundation

Once you’re sure which type of skin you have, you can move on to decide on which type of foundation you’re going to choose. Choose a hydrating foundation (Loreal infallible foundation matte ) when your skin tends to be dry and flaky. When your skin tends to be oily then it’s best to choose an oil-controlled foundation.

There are also very sensitive foundations that are perfect to use when your skin has acne problems. Many people have combination skin and then it’s best to choose a balanced foundation that caters to oily and dry skin.

Most women make the mistake to wear makeup when they go and shop for foundation. When choosing a foundation color it’s best not to wear any makeup because it might clash with another color. It must be said that you have to first choose your skin tone before you choose the correct foundation color.

If your skin tone is pale then it’s best to choose a more rosy foundation while a more yellow foundation works best for darker skin. There are so many different foundation colors because even people from the same race can have completely different skin tones.


When you choose which color is best for you, choose three shades closest to your skin color. Then apply the three shades below each other right above your jawline. Most makeup artists believe that the skin right above your jawline is the color that will suit you the best. Most women make the mistake to apply the foundation on their hands or wrists but it not the ideal place to determine the correct shade.

It’s sometimes a bit of a fuss but it’s best to go outside the makeup store to see how well your foundation looks on your skin in natural sunlight. The important rule to keep in mind is that it should look like your makeup is wearing you. Then you simply choose the foundation shade that completely blends in with your skin color.

Offline/Online stores and pharmacies don’t have the variety of foundation shades that you can use to determine the exact match for your skin color. I can honestly say that the chances are very good that your skin color will fall in between two different foundation shades. Therefore it will be necessary for the makeup store to create a custom foundation color for you by blending two foundation shades.


Makeup and department stores are also able to provide you with more professional advice on how to apply your makeup and also suggest products that can help you look the best you possibly can. You must also determine what your ideal effect of a foundation must be.

Should your foundation color give your skin a luminous effect that is nice for evening wear or do you like to have a more natural look for daytime occasions?

Loreal powder foundation comes with a shiny or matte finish. All these factors will affect your decision. You must determine what you want to get out of your foundation, and what role it must play in your overall beauty regimen.

Pros And Cons Of Loreal Powder Foundation

Pros & Cons

  • A next to no amount is needed on the double

  • Gives a smooth completion

  • Decent consistency

  • Mixes without any problem

  • Levels out the skin tone

  • Gives a smooth completion

  • Doesn’t make the face look level

  • Gives high inclusion

  • Conceals imperfections

  • Doesn’t look cakey

  • Doesn’t feel substantial

  • Various shades to browse

  • Nicely estimated

  • Sweat safe

  • Useful for slick and mix skin

  • Advantageous bundling

  • Travel-friendly bundling

  • My shade has an orange hint

  • Not for individuals with dry skin

  • Might look cakey if an additional item is applied

  • May subside into the scarce differences if the skin isn’t prepared well

So, hope you girls enjoyed my post on Foundation makeup. Give a try to Loreal infallible foundation 😉

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