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Every girl desires to look good and be beautiful not only on the inside but on the outside too. Dressing up and taking care of yourself should be every girl’s priority, whether it is her hair, her skin, her makeup, or even just her nails. Dressing up allows a girl to express herself and there is not just one fixed way of doing so, but there are hundreds of different fashion styles.

If you look good and maintain yourself, it not only increases confidence but also helps one feel better on the inside as well. It is every girl’s right to be able to look good and be herself whenever she wants, whether people around her like it or not. Plus life is short, it is better not to spend it in a boring way and rather maintain yourself.

Maintain Yourself and Your Hair

look good

A girl’s greatest accessory is her hair. Every girl has a different type of hair texture, whether it is curly, frizzy, fine, straight, or wavy. Every type can look beautiful if handled properly. At some point or the other, every girl wishes that she did not have the hair texture that she has, but it is better that she come to terms with what she is born with. By thinking about it in a positive way, it will begin to appeal to you and will be easier for you to handle and style.

It is mandatory that you maintain yourself and take care of your hair as hair gets damaged easily not only by styling it but due to the use of hair products and even the environment. Oiling is one of the most important things one should do in order to have healthy and shiny hair. A good diet is another factor that can help give you healthy and shiny hair and help you maintain yourself.

When it comes to styling hair, there are a hundred different styles to choose from. You can tie it up in a bun, braid it, tie it up high, curl it or even straighten it. Some of the latest trends include the fishtail braid, side braid, and side bun when it comes to tying up hair. For open hair, the inwards and outwards blow dry are both quite popular as well as soft wavy hair too.


look good

The right kind and right amount of makeup according to the occasion are very important to maintain yourself. When it comes to daily makeup, one should go minimal. Applying too much of a base and too much on your eyes or lips does not look good during the day.

Soft makeup in light shades which promote your features is what one should go for to maintain yourself. If one is going to a formal event during the day, then maybe a little bit of liner on the eyes can be done too.

However, for evening makeup, one can go for a bit more if one is going for a formal occasion. Smoky eyes and dark lips always look good for a formal occasion. For those girls who complain that they do not know how to apply makeup, there are a great number of makeup tutorials easily available online which show the entire procedure and how to maintain yourself.



Who would not want to have perfect and flawless skin?

Every girl has a different kind of skin texture. While some have dry, others have oily skin and others yet have normal skin. Some have acne-prone skin, while others have clear. Taking care of your skin and putting in a little effort can help one improve their skin and get that perfect radiant glow.

Dry or cracked skin can be very uncomfortable and needs to be moisturized or hydrated at all times. Those who have dry skin should try not to use soap as it removes the skin’s natural oils, but instead should use a good moisturizing face or body wash. Oiling your dry skin after you shower can help keep your skin soft and moist.

Oily skin, on the other hand, can be very difficult to handle, especially when it comes to applying makeup. It is best to use a natural soap or go for a face wash or moisturizer which is meant for your skin type. Makeup products that are made for oily skin, such as foundations, would work best.

Furthermore, it is important to control your diet and avoid oily foods and go for green vegetables. By following a few remedies, one can get that radiant and healthy glow that every girl wishes for.

Acne-Prone Skin


Acne-prone skin is one that nobody wants and there are certain methods by which this skin type should be treated. It is important to be gentle with this skin type and use mild products which are oil-free to avoid further clogging of your pores. Drinking green juices, working out regularly, and drinking lots of water can improve one’s skin.

By keeping in mind all these factors when you are dressing up, you will be able to look amazing. Come to terms with your natural self and try to work with what you have if you do not have too much time to spend on yourself. However, putting in a little time and effort when you can is something which everyone should try to do. Look Good your best to feel your best!

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