Japanese makeup looks

Japanese makeup looks have long been popular, particularly among the Asian female population, in addition to the colorful K-makeup aesthetic and the stunning, bold Western appearance.

With only a few steps, anybody can easily get the natural, delicate, and soft appearance that Japanese ladies like. I’ve explained the best current Japanese makeup trends for 2023.

Let’s look at the most typical characteristics of Japanese makeup trends together!

Japanese makeup trends to look out for in 2022 and 2023

Japanese makeup looks

Take a look at this. We’re ready to take a full 180-degree turn away from the natural feminine aesthetic. That’s true. This fall’s key motif is “cool and gorgeous.”

How do we get this look?

Of course, by using the suggested Japanese cosmetic items and following the Savvy makeup guidelines! It’s time to step up your autumn makeup Japanese game.

  1. Bold Eyes

Japanese makeup trends

Eye makeup is the secret to optimizing the trendy “cool and handsome” autumn motif. Use volumizing mascara, eyeliner, and colorful eyeshadows to frame your eyes and get that “cool” Japanese makeup style. Choose a simple, autumnal color scheme such as brown, khaki, or Bordeaux.

  1. Bright, Naturally Thick Eyebrows

Japanese makeup styles
BY- JAPANTIMES / Source- Google Images

Another essential makeup element for this fall is the brightness of the brows, which complements the dramatic eye makeup. Given the eye makeup’s darkness, the brows’ brightness produces a feeling of openness and balances the whole image.

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  1. Semi-Matte Base

Japanese makeup style
BY- NAILSHINING / Source- Google Images

Semi-matte skin is popular as a foundation in fall and will most likely continue until winter. This texture, which falls between matte and glossy, will leave you with transparent skin and just the perfect amount of sheen to complement your cool and attractive appearance.

  1. Autumnal Matte Cheek

makeup trends 2023
BY- MOSHIMOSHI-NIPPON.JP / Source- Google Images

Deep-colored and naked blushes are fashionable. Use rich hues like Bordeaux or terracotta for a mature finish, or a nude color like beige for a more contemporary Japanese makeup style, for this autumn’s blush. The matte finish provides a smooth, non-glossy appearance.

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  1. Deep, Dark Tone Lips

Japanese makeup looks
BY- STYLECRAZE / Source- Google Images

This fall’s lip color trend is rich, dark tones. Consider brown, plum, and Bordeaux to bring a hint of fall to your kawaii makeup look. I’ve all heard that if you want to go for statement eyes, keep your cheeks and lips neutral. That is no longer the case. In fact, it’s ideal for highlighting the lips as well for a more contemporary look!

  1. Back to Basics

2023 makeup trends
BY- METROPOLISJAPAN / Source- Google Images

Fresh, clean skin has long been the focus of Japanese cosmetics. The term “translucency” is often used in Japanese to denote clean, glowing skin. It doesn’t translate well into English (when thinking of lovely, healthy skin, see-through isn’t the first term that comes to mind), but it’s supposed to express the glowing-from-within, supple skin you believe is only achievable in advertisements.

We can’t facetune our looks in real life, but we can come close to the dream that Shiseido advertising sells us. Aside from skincare, the challenge is to apply for coverage gently and in thin layers to minimize cakiness and to know which areas to accent. “Glow,” and “shiny” may seem similar, but they are quite distinct phrases in the cosmetics business.

You’ll want to accentuate the high points on your forehead, your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, your cupid’s bow, and your chin, naturally where the light will strike your face. Then, powder the regions of your skin where your natural oils will make it seem shiny, i.e., everywhere else, but especially the triangle area under your eyes.

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  1. Glitter and Glow

Japanese makeup palette

If you’ve been near a fashion magazine or social media recently, you’ve probably noticed that Y2K fashion is exploding now, and it doesn’t end with garments. A flash of color on the eyelashes topped with a glitter coating makes us feel nostalgic. Japanese cosmetics have long been a lover of delicate, sparkly makeup that seems moist in the light, so this trend amps up the typical sparkle.

For a uniquely 2000s feel, choose a blue-toned hue and apply it along the bottom lash line for a basic yet eye-catching appearance. To fully brighten the eyes, pat on the glitter with your fingertips or a moist, flat brush all over the lids and inner corners.

  1. Warm is the New Black

Japanese Makeup
BY- JAPANOBJECTS / Source- Google Images

Trending hues vary as quickly as the leaves change from summer to fall. Because this year’s hottest fashion hues were believed to be bright orange, green, and pink, makeup trends in 2023 naturally followed suit. Pinks, yellows, and oranges were all the rage this summer, and the warm-toned trend is still strong. While these cheerful, warm-toned hues are still popular, as the autumn season approaches, many publications and runways will favor warm browns and reds with a bright purple, blue, or pink accent color.

Whatever color you choose, you may apply cream blush or even lipstick on the cheek, lips, and eyes to create a unified appearance.

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  1. Bring on the Blush

Japanese makeup trend blush under eyes
BY- COOLJP / Source- Google Images

Whether you choose a sunny peach or a more autumnal brick tone, don’t be afraid to experiment with blush this year. Whereas Japan does not want strong outlines or bronzed skin, they appreciate a beautiful blush, and this year is no exception. For a more youthful appearance, experiment with tones other than pink or peach blush, such as orange, yellow, brown, and purple.

Instead of putting blush on the apples of your cheeks, apply it higher up for a more youthful appearance. You may enhance your look by blending the blush with your eyes.

  1. Make a Point with Blush

Harajuku makeup
BY- SAVVYTOKYO / Source- Google Images

The eyes, brows, and foundation are more natural, but Japanese females make a strong statement with their cheeks. It is a distinctive feature of Japanese-style makeup, commonly described as “drunk” makeup. The cheek blush is something Japanese females don’t mind going over with stronger hues.

They often choose peach, coral, or lotus pinks that are soft yet nonetheless brilliant and remarkable. The trick here is to apply blush in a circular shape, little by little, on both cheeks and beneath the eyes until the color appears in a natural harmonizing tone on the face.

Apply a little blush on the tip of your nose and spread it throughout the cheek areas to create a drunken cheek effect. This makeup technique is also a very popular cosmetics trend in Asia.

  1. Plump Lips with Feminine Colors

Japanese lip makeup
BY- BEAUTYTAP / Source- Google Images

Japanese females like naturally lush lips in vibrant hues reminiscent of tropical fruits. Lipstick Japanese makeup looks often promotes a pair of natural-looking lips. These brilliant red or deep hues like wine red are seldom used in daily makeup. Lip colors like coral, orange-red, baby pink, and lip gloss are still popular alternatives for a Japanese cosmetic look. Nude hues are also a popular option for a more aged appearance.

Apply lip balm first before applying lipstick for the greatest effect. Then, apply lipstick evenly over the whole lip or to the middle of the lips, spreading it out using a brush or your fingers. Finally, add a little lip gloss for a juicy, plump lip appearance. Lip tints from Japan and Korea are very popular in the J-makeup scene.

The Popular Japanese makeup styles

Japanese makeup styles
BY- KOREABOO / Source- Google Images

As we all know, each region approaches makeup differently, but what are Japanese makeup trends in 2022 without skincare?

Japanese makeup looks) makeup culture achieved the no-makeup/makeup look first, and you’ll want to replicate it as soon as possible. Makeup and makeup products are highly promoted in Japan; department shops and drugstores have a wide range of items for avid makeup enthusiasts and those who choose to be more environmentally conscious.

Within a few streets, a few stores usually offer brands ranging from high-end (Shiseido) to more inexpensive (CanMake). Department shops contain sections of skincare and makeup goods for their sophisticated consumers.

Below are the popular Japanese makeup Styles:

The Skinny on Skin

The Skinny on Skin japanese makeup
BY- GAIJINPOT / Source- Google Images

Typical Japan’s 2023 makeup trends are simple, faultless, and natural Japanese makeup. Japanese women have particularly perfected the skill of wearing barely-there makeup, with extremely thin coverage foundation and concealer: a style that has recently become more fashionable in Western society.

When finding face products, women like a fresh, dewy, flawless finish. Makeup aficionados often utilize powder or liquid foundation so that you may become your makeup artist. Goodbye Contour, Hello Blush

We’re all aware of the 2023 makeup trends that focus on contours, such as sculpted cheekbones or a defined nose, while Japanese cosmetics completely avoid contour and bronzer. Traditional Japanese makeup to avoid our favorite harsh lines in favor of a much softer look that favors blush over bronzer.

Japanese cosmetics aficionados like applying blush to the apples of their cheeks and even beneath their eyes to get the round cheek impression. Blush tones might be pink or peach, but they should always be applied lightly and naturally.

All-Natural Eyeshadow

All-Natural Eyeshadow
BY- STYLESATLIFE / Source- Google Images

J-makeup is well-known for its smudge-proof liner that lasts all day—now that’s *strength.* Eyeliner is applied to the top waterline to define it and maybe create a little, natural wing. In keeping with the “soft” look, the brown liner generally prefers over harsh black winged liners seen in Western culture.

Shimmery Japanese eyeshadow in rosy, peachy, or light-brown tones uses as a color wash over the eyes (and to add some shine to the lids). This makeup trend often applied with the fingers, is meant to make the eyes shine. Because the focus of Japanese makeup traditional is dewy, fresh skin, Japanese people prefer to avoid matte eye styles.

Lashes are essential in all Japanese makeup looks. Japan is recognized for producing some of the best eyelash curlers on the market, such as the Shu Uemura model. Curling the lashes draws attention to the eyes, and Japanese eye makeup is designed to make the eyes look larger and rounder for a “cute” impression. Japanese mascaras are also highly regarded for being smudge-proof, waterproof, and jet-black.

The Neutral Lip Look

Neutral Lip Look
BY- TOTALBEAUTY / Source- Google Images

Lip trends in Japanese makeup looks remain in the “natural lane.” Lips with vibrant reds and super-deep colors are seldom seen in regular appearances. Lip colors are shiny but not excessively glossy and come in neutral tones such as rosy pink, taupe, tan, and transparent red.

Lip colors have an effervescent shine to make the lips seem healthy and full, but there is no exaggeration in lining the lips (no over-lining here!) to make them appear larger, as seen in Japanese makeup trends 2022. The neutral lip complements the rest of the face, giving it a youthful, glowy appearance.

Japanese Eye Makeup Styles

Japanese Eye Makeup Styles
BY- REFINERY29 / Source- Google Images

Are you looking for some Japanese makeup ideas?

I’ve got you covered and I’ve compiled some of our favorite eye makeup and Japanese makeup tutorial to enjoy. I’ve broken them into sub-categories so you can choose one that suits your tastes!

  1. Trendy Pink Is on Point!

Korean ladies like flamboyant hues like bright pink, corals, and orange, which worked out well in this technique! Many of your favorite Korean brands, such as Etude House, sell

  1. Dramatic Dolly

Even though these Japanese makeup ideas were created for cosplayers, it is equally popular among trendy young females in Tokyo! Accentuating ‘puffy eye bags’ was initially a Korean fashion, but it has lately gained popularity in Japan. It gives your eyes more depth and character. Remember to finish off this look with some dramatic fake lashes.

  1. Sunset Hues

This look is a mash-up of the best: Vivacious, natural, and gorgeous! The hues selected are reminiscent of a summer sunset and go nicely with her pink circle lenses.

  1. Cute Berry Shades

The berry hues are stunning! I like this Japanese style makeup look since it is basic yet effective. Did you know that most Korean and Japanese females currently obtain eyelash extensions?

  1. Earthy Orange

Isn’t this orange color stunning? Even novices should be able to pull off this look. You need orange eye shadow, a brown eye pencil, and mascara!

How To Do Japanese Makeup

How to do Japanese makeup
BY- preview.ph / Source- Google Images

When you go into a Japanese department shop or even a convenience store, you may be overwhelmed by the variety of cosmetics available. There are several brands and variations to select from since cosmetics are quite popular among Japanese women, particularly those influenced by idols and J-pop stars.

Male J-pop stars have been on the front covers of Japan’s most famous female publications, demonstrating the popularity of Japanese inspired makeup goods among guys.

There are different sorts of Japanese makeup style, and this article will present one basic appearance that is now popular in Japan, particularly among makeup artists. Nachuraru meiku, or Japanese natural makeup,’ is the name given to this look. Let’s have a look at how to accomplish this makeup look.

Step 1- Primer

apply a primer
BY- ALLABOUT-JAPAN / Source- Google Images

No Japanese makeup looks can begin without using a primer to create the ideal foundation for your Japanese style makeup. Choose a primer that is appropriate for your skin and provides enough coverage for your specific skin issues. Several primers are available in Japan, many of which incorporate sun protection. Primers for acne, primers for freckles, primers for redness, and many more are available.

Step 2- Apply Concealer

apply concealer
BY- M.NARI.PUNJABKESARI / Source- Google Images

The next step is to apply concealer. Apply it with your fingers beneath the eyes, on the eye bags, and around the nostrils. The key is to spread it as thinly as possible. Don’t go overboard!

Step 3- Lay the groundwork

makeup revolution
BY- COSMETICSDESIGN-ASIA / Source- Google Images

We suggest a powder foundation since the concealer and primer provide enough coverage. Similarly, to concealer, Japanese ladies (and men) like to keep it light! We also moisturized from the start, so be careful not to overdo it. Use a brush to apply.

Step 4- Emphasize

makeup revolution blog
BY- CHINADAILY / Source- Google Images

Subtle contouring has recently gained fashionable. Apply a highlighter on your nose, cheekbones, lip bow, and below your lips if you use it.

Step 5- Apply Eye Makeup

japanese eye makeup
BY- YOUTUBE / Source- Google Images

Then it’s time for eye makeup! When looking for Japanese eye makeup products, we recommend looking for anything smudge-resistant to get day-long coverage with a minimal quantity of product.

This stage divides into three sections, so pay attention.

Shadow is the first step.

Natural-colored Japanese makeup looks are popular among Japanese ladies. Use a Japanese eyeshadow palette with various colors since this effect demands more than one. The Japanese makeup palette idea is to apply a deeper shade near your lash line, like thick eyeliner, and then shade it out into a lighter shade on your lid, working your way from the tear duct to the corner.

Step two is to apply eyeliner.

Brown eyeliners, rather than black, are now popular. It has a softer impact than standard black eyeliner, and the goal is to ‘conceal’ rather than accentuate the eyeliner. A swipe along the waterline of your eyes is sufficient. Does it seem to be subtle?

The last step is to apply lashes.

Make use of an eyelash curler! To achieve the best results, use a hairdryer to warm it up. After that, apply dark brown mascara from the base of the lash to the tip. To prevent lumps, go slowly.

Step 6- Choose a Glossy Blush

Choose a glossy, iridescent blush over a matte blush for a natural highlight and shine on the cheeks. Apply blush solely to the area of your cheeks below your eyes, the apples of your cheeks, to maintain a Japanese natural makeup with a fresh appearance. Don’t drag it to your ears.

Step 7- Lips

When it comes to Japanese lip makeup, choose a hue that complements your natural lip color. Biting your lips and seeing how red they get is a nice technique to check. It is your preferred lip color! Instead of applying it directly off the stick, dab it onto your finger. It warms up the lipstick and blends easier and provides a softer, kinder appearance.

Step 8- Browse

Remember to groom your brows! It’s critical to match the shape of your natural brows. Why overlook what is already present? Use a brown tone, similar to eyeliner, for a more subtle look.

Let’s examine the four brow styling phases.

Brushing them is the first step.

To define the natural form, use the spiral brush towards the end of the eyeliner.

Then, apply a brow liner

Color in a sweeping motion from the inner to the outside corner. Don’t go overboard!

The next step is to apply Japanese eyeshadow.

Apply some shadow in a hue similar to the eyeliner tone using a brush.

The last step is to apply eyebrow mascara.

To blend and give the final touches, use eyebrow mascara very softly. Follow the natural hairline of your brows. Sweep upwards for the center and away from the ears.


Bottom Line

If there is any shade on the face, it is generally little. Instead, Japanese makeup looks emphasizes the eyes, cheeks, and lips. Asian people’s faces are often rounder and less angular than the West’s. Highlighting the cheekbones, eyes, and Japanese lip makeup is enough for Japanese beauties to show their natural makeup Japanese and genuine charm by accentuating their natural characteristics.

The Japanese makeup approach streamlines makeup processes to highlight your face’s natural attractiveness. That is why the makeup industry wows this makeup technique. If you’re a busy lady with little time to put on makeup yet want to appear beautiful, why not try these Japanese makeup trends? I’m sure you’ll fall in love!

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The eyes are generally the focal point of Asian makeup, and Japanese makeup is no exception. While smokey eyes aren't appropriate for every day, eyeshadows in subdued browns, taupes, pinks, and corals in matte or shimmer finishes can do the job and make those eyes pop! Shiseido is the most well-known Japanese beauty brand, with a history dating back more than 140 years. Their diverse sub-brands and goods cover anything from moisturizers and anti-aging serums to sunscreen and cosmetics.

The Top Japanese Makeup Brands to Know and Their Top-Rated Products:

  1. Shiseido.
  2. Gen Do Koh.
  3. Kanebo.
  4. Ettusais.
  5. Isehan.
  6. Canmake.
  7. Uemura, Shu.
  8. Uzu/Flowfushi.

The Top Japanese Makeup Brands to Know and Their Top-Rated Products:

  1. Shiseido.
  2. Gen Do Koh.
  3. Kanebo.
  4. Ettusais.
  5. Isehan.
  6. Canmake.
  7. Uemura, Shu.
  8. Uzu/Flowfushi.

Online shopping in Japan:

  1. Amazon.co.jp.
  2. Rakuten.co.jp.
  3. Zozo.jp.
  4. Nissen.co.jp.
  5. Kakaku.com.
  6. Shopping.yahoo.co.jp.
  7. Mercari.

Make-up has a recorded history in Japan dating back to the Edo era. While current western makeup styles in Europe and the United States concentrate on precise cosmetics for the eyes and lips, modern Japanese beauty styles focus on foundation, base makeup, and skin care. Kanjo, a Buddhist monk, was reportedly the first in Japan to create lead-based face powder in 692, and he thrilled Empress Jito by presenting her with this innovation.

The Top Japanese Makeup Brands to Know and Their Top-Rated Products:

  1. Shiseido.
  2. Gen Do Koh.
  3. Kanebo.
  4. Ettusais.
  5. Isehan.
  6. Canmake.
  7. Uemura, Shu.

Online shopping in Japan:

  1. Amazon.co.jp.
  2. Rakuten.co.jp.
  3. Shopping.yahoo.co.jp.
  4. Mercari.
  5. Zozo.jp.
  6. Nissen.co.jp.
  7. Kakaku.com.
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