goth unicorn makeup

Goth unicorn makeup is thought to be beautiful and pure magical creatures, so imagine what would happen if one of them was tainted by the dark touch of a zombie, transforming that once majestic creature into one that hungers for brains and has all the means to get them, as it can outrun any human on four legs and even has a horn on its head to charge forward.

How To Get Goth Makeup Looks

goth unicorn makeup
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You might notice dramatic Goth unicorn makeup showing up as one of the top beauty trends as โ€˜90s makeup makes a comeback. If you’re looking for a cosmetic style that allows you to express your edgy, rocker side, goth makeup is the way to go.

A gothic makeup look with a beautiful oxblood lipstick and a smokey eye in charcoal?

Please, yes! Continue reading to learn how to embrace your dark side with this simple pastel goth makeup guide.


goth unicorn makeup

It doesn’t make sense to start with anything other than a primer, no matter what look you’re aiming for or how much effort you’re preparing to put into applying pastel goth makeup. The correct primer may help you achieve a smooth canvas for the remainder of your simple goth makeup application while also extending the life of your look.

If your skin is oily, go for a matte-finish primer. Blend a tiny quantity of primer into your face once you’ve picked the correct primer for your skin type.



To assist in neutralizing the look of any redness, sallowness, or dullness, use a color corrector before applying foundation. While you may believe that concealer should be applied after foundation, it’s preferable to use color-correcting concealer first since it will help you estimate how much foundation you’ll need to cover any lingering apparent blemishes.

Note: If you’re new to color correction, a palette with various color correctors could be a good idea.



Now it’s time to move on to the foundation. Choose a foundation formula that is appropriate for your skin’s requirements and problems. If you have oily skin, choose the Matte Foundation, and if you have dry skin.



You can always sport a bright glow, no matter what your skin type is. Squeeze a few drops of Glow Boosting Drops onto your makeup blender and stipple the highlighter across your cheekbones, jawline, and the tip of your nose to soften your Goth unicorn makeup look.



You don’t want to walk around with bags under your eyes just because you’re trying to perfect your goth makeup looks. Apply the Full Wear Concealer Waterproof, Full Coverage in upside-down triangles beneath your eyes to brighten up the region. With your makeup blender, gently blend out the concealer, being careful not to disrupt the rest of your makeup.



Set your pastel goth makeup with a translucent face powder, now that your complexion appears perfect.


goth makeup tutorial unicorn dreams

If you want a smokey eye, mix some of the Eye Shadow over your lid using a packed eye shadow goth unicorn makeup brush. To give your next color something to blend with, move up just a smidgeon above your crease.

After that, dust a deeper shade into your crease Eye Shadow with fluffy blending goth unicorn makeup brushes to give depth.

Apply a shimmering highlight to the inner corner of your eye, the center of your lid, and just below the tail of your brow to complete the look.

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goth unicorn makeup

Thick black eyeliner is a must-have for goth makeup looksโ€”something that’s the โ€˜90s taught us, right?

So, use the Pencil Eyeliner in Black to rim your upper lash line. If you want to get all the way down to your lower lash line with your eyeliner, avoid outlining the inner corner of your eyeโ€”it might appear a bit too harsh. Keep your eyeliner to the outside three-quarters of your lash line for the greatest results.



Mascara is required for goth makeup looks (and virtually any look, for that matter). Apply a primer to your lashes before applying a jet black mascara.


Perfect Eye Brows

Remember that the ultra-defined brow is a thing of the past; nowadays, full, natural-looking brows are the norm. Fill in your arches with Waterproof Brow Gel to achieve the effect. Then, using the Highlighter, highlight the undersides to make them pop.



Finally, it’s time to put on some liquid lipstick! Use the Matte Liquid Lipstick.

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goth unicorn makeup
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You can’t wear complete Goth unicorn makeup without drawing attention to yourself, just because of the style, but I’ll relate something I did in high school.

My hair used to be black. This is more expensive, but I prefer it to my original hair color. That’s fantastic if your parents can assist you as my mother did. If you don’t have natural black or dark hair, skip this step.

Simple goth makeup generally comprises eyeliner, shadow, and mascara (at least in my case), although the mascara is optional. Make sure the eyes don’t appear to be excessively black. You’re attempting to blend in, but even if you weren’t, there’s such a thing as too much (many individuals who take on the goth look haven’t quite nailed it).

You don’t have to use lip gloss unless you want to, but if you want to, go for a deep crimson or purple instead of black. This will go well with the dark highlights you’ve applied to your eyes.

Your clothes would be the final stage. Because you’re attempting to be discreet, a black sweater/hoodie with some slacks or a black/red skater skirt might be a good choice. You can also do a checkered skirt if you want to be a bit more sophisticated, however, this is a little more punk than goth (I like it though). Finish with a basic pair of black boots or sneakers.

Keep in mind that even if you tone down the Goth unicorn makeup style, people will notice what you’re doing, but most people, especially senior citizens with their own beliefs about where the world is headed and whatever, will not challenge this specific setup. For similar learnings, stay connected to the Makeup Revolution blog ๐Ÿ™‚

Choose from a variety of pastel gothic colors-

  1. Experiment With Patterns
  2. Always remember to accessorize.
  3. Make a Hairstyle
  4. Make a statement with your makeup.
  5. Look for some stunning footwear.
  6. Put on a sweet pastel goth top.
  7. Look for Goth Dresses in Pastel Colors.

You'll be pastel goth from head to toe in no time if you follow these steps-

  • Choose from a variety of pastel gothic colors.
  • Experiment With Patterns
  • Always remember to accessorize.
  • Make a Hairstyle
  • Make a statement with your makeup.
  • Look for some stunning footwear.
  • Put on a sweet pastel goth top.
  • Look for Goth Dresses in Pastel Colors.

You can find simple goth makeup at online websites, and offline cosmetic stores as well.

Please refer to the blog post attached to this FAQ.

It's to give them a scary vampire-like appearance. Especially when white foundation contrasts beautifully with black eyeshadow and lipstick. Though I don't often apply white foundation, I like it when I do because it makes me seem like a Tim Burton figure.

Before you leave the house, apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30. Before you go out, make sure you've dressed appropriately. Get as little sun exposure as possible. If you're going to stay out of the sun, take vitamin D!

Wear dark goth eye makeup, even just eyeliner, and dark lipstick to make white skin look even paler. Rice powder makeup is extremely pale or BB creams for a lighter complexion. Wear dark goth eye makeup, even just eyeliner, to make white skin appear even paler.

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