goth makeup ideas

If Gothic Literature or Gothic Culture may be appealing to you, why couldn’t Gothic Makeup? If you are fascinated with the strange and the unknown and want your clandestine demeanor to be noticed by others, this is the makeup for you! While the Edwardian Gothic Makeup may be lovely, you may also want to explore the city’s vamp-like Gothic style, which adds a dark ‘underworld’ character to your beauty. However, you must pay great attention to every aspect for every variety. In this article, we will discuss about top trending goth makeup ideas of 2022.

Goth Makeup Ideas

goth makeup ideas

The original goth look is dark, eerie, and witchy. Suppose it appeals to you, experiments with thick black eyeliner and dark eye shadow. It’s a simple method to show that you’re a part of the subculture when paired with black or dark purple lipstick. Anyways, here is everything you need to know about makeup ideas goth.

Tips for Goth Makeup

goth makeup ideas

To get the most striking effect, you must seamlessly and delicately combine every piece. You should be creative to construct an image for yourself to pull off with ease and comfort. Many different appearances may be created while remaining Gothic. Consider the following suggestions and ideas:

Face Makeup for a Gothic Look

makeup ideas goth
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Because the goal of goth makeup looks is to seem pale in complexion, choose a foundation that is a shade or two paler than your natural skin tone. Use a translucent powder that has a slight sheen to it. Please, no blush; otherwise, keep it to a minimum.

Goth Makeup Ideas for Eyes

goth eye makeup ideas
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One of the most significant components of goth eye makeup ideas. Eyeliner is a must-have. Go with the smokey eye look if you want to add to the mystery. Red eyeliner (and mascara) blended with grey, and black colors will give you a more vamp-like look. Though black is already included in the most frequent goth eye makeup ideas, purple, reds, and greens are acceptable. It would be preferable if you did not disregard your brows. To add to the dramatic aspect, draw a taller than a natural arch. Use artificial eyelashes to draw attention to your eyes.

Lip Makeup Ideas for A Gothic Look

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Lips should be dark in color it is considered in the best cool goth makeup ideas. Choose a blood-red or maroon lipstick color. It would give the appearance of a vamp. Soft hues should avoid at all costs. Alternately, you may want your lips to be pale, which is also Gothic in its way. As a result, depending on the style statement you want to make, you may want to consider wearing a nude tint.

Nail Makeup Ideas for A Gothic Look

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Nails should paint in either black or blood crimson. It would be an excellent finishing touch to your appearance. Whether you want long nails or shorter squat nails, never opt for a French manicure or delicate colors like pink.

Trending Goth Makeup Looks of 2022

goth makeup looks

Assuming you’re prepared to embrace your dark side, look at these gothic-propelled cosmetics thoughts and how to imitate them at home.

Look 1: Dramatic Eyes
goth eye makeup
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Winged eyeliner is a makeup standard that never goes out of style, but theatrics are required! The whole emphasis of this look is on the eyes, and it’s about as dramatic as it gets! To get these goth makeup looks in one sweep, you’d need the world’s steadiest hand, so take your time and apply it in phases. Begin by applying a light coverage foundation to create a base to channel your inner rock girl.

Line them all around with a liquid or gel eyeliner to attract attention to your eyes. Take your time here, starting with your upper lash line, then your flick, and finally your waterline with black kohl eyeliner. Tap a tiny amount of silver glitter into the middle of your eyelids for a more dazzling finish. Line your lips with a mauve lip liner and brush your brows with an eyebrow gel to complete the look.

Look 2: A Deadly Pout
goth makeup look
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There’s much more to the gothic beauty trend of lush lips than just black lipstick. To give your everyday makeup look a melancholy makeover, add sophisticated, vampy tones like rich plums, dramatic burgundies, and intense berries.

Do you like this goth makeup looks?

Apply purple lipstick with crystal clear lip gloss over the lop for more sparkle. After that apply a champagne eyeshadow to the middle of your eyelids and mix an earthy red towards the outside corners to accent your killer mouth. Apply the same earthy red on the waterline and smear it out softly, and adds it in the cool goth makeup ideas.

Carefully apply individual cluster lashes to your top lashes and a coat of mascara to your bottom lashes. Add a little feature to the internal corner of your eyes and shape your cheekbones to finish this flawlessly perfect look with a spiked edge. When you are searching concert goth makeup ideas, it is the ideal one for you.

Why not give them a go for your pessimistic souls out there?

Look 3: The Vampire Lady
makeup revolution blog
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If there was ever a style that demonstrated dark, cryptic makeup could be seductive. This is it. Then this is the end! Its stunning, enticing vampy goth makeup looks is sure to draw attention when you go into a place!

Begin by applying a full coverage foundation – you don’t want to go too light because your red eyeshadow or lipstick will draw out any flaws in your skin. When considering the best goth makeup looks, vampire lady goth makeup looks are the ideal goth makeup for you.

Blend a plum red eyeshadow across your lid, up towards your brow bone, and below your waterline for smoldering, crimson eyes. Then, delicately mix kohl eyeliner along your upper lash line and waterline.

Finish by lining and filling your lips with a blood-red lip liner and matte red lipstick.

Tips for Gothic Makeup

Maintain a deep set of eyes and a pale expression on your face. Use an eye makeup primer and some loose powder to keep your eye makeup in place. Even though your Gothic eyes seem ‘Vampish,’ it should not flow down your cheeks! It would be wise to cause to notice either your eyes or your lips. Focusing entirely on each might imperil the general appearance. Dress in dark violets and reds, or black or dark violets and reds. Keep in mind that Gothic makeup look is all about being seductive in a crazy manner. Carry an attitude to go with it!

Here I’m wrapping up goth makeup ideas tutorial. I hope it’ll help you girls in wearing the best gothic makeup look. See you in the next post of the Makeup Revolution blog 😉


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