Goth makeup brushes

There are many various Goth makeup brushes and looks to choose from; some may make you appear extremely dark and mysterious, while others are more lighter and delicate makeup that provides traces of Goth without being too heavy. Whichever one you select is totally up to you, but we have explained below all of the important ideas and methods you need to get a stunning Goth appearance in no time at all.

Goth Makeup Brushes 

Goth skull makeup brushes

You’re not alone if you’ve ever wished your cosmetics regimen mirrored the gloomy ruins of your fantasy life. People have detected your wants and produced a new collection of unicorn makeup brushes tailored to your Gothic tastes.

When the cosmetics business Unicorn Lashes UK (also, Goth unicorn makeup brushes UN) released rainbow-colored unicorn DIY Goth makeup brushes. Soon after, they outdid themselves by creating a set of mermaid cosmetic brushes. These are the best unicorn lashes makeup brushes.

The most recent makeup brush release appears to be ideal for dusting away our tears before applying heavy eyeliner.

The two new brush sets have either black or gold handles, and each set contains 10 brushes as well as a luxurious velvet royal black diamond bag to put them in.

Docolor Skull Makeup Brush Set Goth (12 Piece) – Review

Goth unicorn makeup brushes un

Best Quality Brushes I’ve Found

This new 12 piece Docolor Gothic Skull Brush set makes makeup application easier, making it suitable for both professional and home usage.

The silky synthetic bristles give a wonderful touch and feel while being cruelty-free and shedding-free.

These brushes are ideal for any lady who isn’t a girly girl but yet enjoys cosmetics. Each brush is adorned with gold skulls. These unicorn makeup brushes are fantastic!


Synthetic hair, Aluminium Ferrule, and Plastic Handle

The Brush Set Includes

Powder Sponge

Apply blush, bronzer, and finishing powder with precision.

Brushes for Blush and Highlighting

The brush may be used to apply blush as well as a highlighter.

Brush for Foundation

To apply liquid or cream cosmetics like foundation and primer.

Brush for Blending

Apply and blend shadow colors.

diy Goth makeup brushes

Shader Brush (Wide)

Smudge deeper hues of a smokey eye appearance using it.

Blending Brush, Small

It’s wonderful for blending in small areas and adding detail.

Brush for Large Eyeshadow

Packs of eye cosmetics and eyelid colors.

Eyeshadow Brush, Small

Shades are concentrated in tiny regions.

Brow Brush with an Angle

Use it to apply the liner precisely.

Lip Gloss

It may be used to define lips, soften pencil lines, and add color.

Brush for Eyeliner

Sharp lines are achieved with liquid eyeliner.

Brush for the Fan

Perfect for applying highlighter, and removing extra powder

How to Pick the Best Goth Makeup Brushes

Amazon is one of the finest places to buy items like Goth Makeup Brushes. However, getting the precise Goth Makeup Brushes you desire might be difficult at times, especially if you are new to the site. Just type Goth skull makeup brushes on your web browser or app.

NOTE- This blog has no affiliate links. Enjoy scrolling 😉


When purchasing Goth unicorn makeup brushes un from Amazon, one of the most essential aspects to consider is price. No one does not wish to obtain high-quality goods at cheap rates. With Amazon, you can compare costs from various merchants and choose the most advantageous one.


The brand is another crucial aspect to consider when purchasing DIY Goth makeup brushes. Different vendors sell various brands, and it is critical to understand each sort of brand to make the best selection.


Before choosing a Goth makeup, you should also examine its usefulness. The functioning of any Goth Makeup Brushes is typically determined by the specifications that it includes. The higher the functionality, the more complicated the specifications.



With all of these crazy inventive firms that do a better job of presenting their goods than ‘normal cosmetics’ companies, choosing the greatest Goth makeup is nearly difficult.

And guess what? During my investigation, I discovered that all of the brands on the list are killing it with their product quality, and they’re a breath of new air in my unicorn makeup brushes collection.

All of the Goth makeup brushes brands on this list are cruelty-free, with the majority of them being vegan, Leaping Bunny, or PETA certified. So, whichever one you select for your next buy, you will not be disappointed.

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