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10 Easy Nail Tricks That Every Girl Should Know

nail tricks

I have to admit, I am a little too obsessed with my nails. If my nails don’t look good or the polish is chipped, I don’t feel too good. I am at my best when my nails are at their best. I try to get a manicure once a week, but when I can’t go to the salon, I do it myself at home. Doing manicures by yourself can be a bit tricky and messy, which is why I like to use these nail tricks and tips.

Nail Tricks Every Girl Should Know

nail tricks

These Nail art tricks make the whole process so much easier without forcing you to dish out a lot of money. They are incredibly simple and should become a part of your nail routine.

Use Petroleum Jelly Or White Craft Glue For Easy Cleanup

If you are working with a messy technique like sponging or water marbling, apply petroleum jelly like Vaseline with a cotton swab on the skin around your nails before applying the polish. Doing so will create a barrier between your skin and the polish so that when you are done, you can just remove the petroleum jelly to wipe off the polish over your skin. But be very careful with this because if you get petroleum jelly on your nails, the polish will not stick on them either.

Another nail trick for easy cleanup is to apply Elmer’s glue with a thin paintbrush around your nails first. Then when you are done painting your nails just peel off the glue to remove any polish mistakes on your skin.

Make Your Nail Color Pop With A White Base Coat

nail tricks

Unless your polish is really opaque, your natural nail color will affect the color of your polish. To make sure your nail polish color truly shines, apply a coat of white nail polish first and then, use your colored nail polish over it.

Remove Stubborn Nail Polish Easily At Home

To remove stubborn or gel nail polish easily at home, just take a cotton pad, soak it in acetone or polish remover, wrap it around your nail and hold it in place with aluminum foil. Leave the foil on your nails for 10 minutes, then remove it and press down on the cotton before removing it too. And voila! Your polish will have come off with the cotton pad.

Whiten Your Nails After Removing A Dark Nail Polish

After removing a dark polish, you may notice that your nails get a yellowish tint. To remove it, soak your nails for 5 minutes in a variety of mixtures like baking soda, hot water, and hydrogen peroxide, or lemon juice. You can also try scrubbing the stains off your nails with some whitening toothpaste.

Use Oil Spray To Set Your Manicure

If you don’t have a lot of time, use a cooking oil spray to set your manicure faster. Just keep the can a few inches away from your nails, spray, wait for a while, and wash the oily residue off your hands. It’s that simple!

Dry Your Nails Quickly With Ice Water

If you are in a rush to dry your nails, let them air dry for a minute or two and then soak them in a bowl with ice and water. The cold water will dry your nails faster and set the polish.

Prevent Polish From Chipping

Paint two base coats to prevent polish from chipping. Paint the first layer on the top half of your nail and when it has dried, paint the second layer on your entire nail like you normally would. This will help polish last longer on the tips of your nails, where it is more prone to chipping.

Another nail trick to prevent polish from chipping is to apply a top coat on the top edge (non-cuticle side) of your nails. Doing so will seal in the polish’s raw edge, which will prevent chipping.

Use Vinegar To Make Your Polish Last Longer

Before applying nail polish, soak your nails in a solution of white vinegar and water or you could even use a paper towel moistened with vinegar. Vinegar will remove any moisturizer or oil leftover from the polish remover, which will help the polish stick better and last longer. Just be careful of the smell.

Use White Craft Glue To Remove Glitter Polish Easily

Glitter polish can be tricky to remove, but you can make the whole process a lot easier and faster if you use white craft glue. Just apply Elmer’s glue as a base coat and when it is dry, paint glitter polish over it. When you want to remove the polish, peel off the glue and the polish will come off with it.

Take Care Of Your Cuticles

Nails can never look perfect without healthy nails. Soak your fingers in warm water for a few minutes and push back your cuticles with an orange stick. Then, heat a mixture of 1tbsp olive oil and 3tbsp lotion for 30 seconds in the microwave and rub it onto your nail beds and cuticles. Put gloves or clean socks over your hands and sleep in them. Come morning, you will be saying hello to beautiful cuticles!

So, these are the 10 best and easy Nail painting tricks or Nail polish tricks. Hope you girl like my post on Nail tricks 😉

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