diwali makeup look

I’ll be sharing my go-to Diwali makeup look for 2022 today. The shine and brightness of this makeup look make it ideal for any Diwali party or celebration. Diwali beauty trends for this year are all about gleaming like a DIYA!

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Have you ever wondered how to produce festive makeup looks that are bright and colorful for Diwali?

diwali makeup look

Many people take time out of their busy schedules to get together with their loved ones to celebrate Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights. Traditional celebrations last for five days, and each day of the occasion has its importance.

  • It is customary to worship Lakshmi, the goddess of riches, on the first day, which is referred to as Dhanteras.
  • The second day is called Choti Diwali and is a day for peace prayers.
  • The festival’s primary day is Diwali, the third day. People dress up, light candles, and carry lanterns to signify the light of knowledge.
  • The fourth day is dedicated to cow worship or Govardhan Pooja.
  • The fifth and final day is Bhai Dooj, a day to honor the relationship between siblings.

10 Stunning Diwali Makeup Looks For 2022

diwali makeup look

If you are looking for beauty-related Diwali fashion ideas, you have found the right place. These 10 ensembles are sure to get you noticed this holiday season.

  1. The Wet Makeup Look

diwali makeup looks
BY- Wedding Wire / Source- Google Images

You can rock any Diwali costume with this dramatic but understated style. Due to India’s humid climate, the dewy or misty traditional makeup style would enable you to seem hot even in winter. It will be easier to pull off this appearance during a Diwali celebration at night.

Prepare your face first, and then proceed with the eye makeup. A metallic eyeshadow palette is required for this look, which you can get at the Makeup Revolution. There are 48 colors available, both shiny and matte.

Eye shadow pallete


Copper, brown, and maroon hues are employed. The inside side should be copper, the outside should be brown, and the final crease line should add maroon. Well-done blending with a brush is required.

Choose a bold red lip color and winged eyeliner. Apply foundation, cover defects, and then set the base with hydra-mist powder. Draw attention to the collarbones, chin, nose, forehead, and cheekbones. With the makeup fixer, keep the Diwali makeup look in place.

  1. The Glam Makeup Look

makeup look diwali
BY- YoutTube / Source- Google Images

This appearance is ideal for Dhanteras Pooja. Dress in a silk saree and wear simple jewelry for a simple Diwali look. Opt for the accentuated eyeshadow look when it comes to makeup. Apply moisturizer and primer to your face. If you want a simple makeup look with a saree, this one is perfect for you.



So, start with the eyeshadow.

Apply nude shade all over the eyelid after using concealer to make the foundation clean. Make a stroke on the eyelid with the bronze color, then smoothly blend it with the brush. Make careful you draw a lower crease line than the real one. Why?

It would improve the appearance of the eyeshadow while the eyes are open. Apply foundation and concealer on the face as soon as you return. Apply blusher next, emphasizing the nose tip, forehead, and cheekbones. Choose the brilliant red or the carrot pink lipstick for your lips.

  1. A Standard Holiday Makeup Look

standard diwali look
BY- Bombay-School-Of-Makeup / Source- Google Images

Are you attending a Diwali celebration at work?

Then you should try this Diwali makeup concept. If you like to keep it low-key and use little makeup, then do as they do. Shape your brows after priming your face, then begin applying eye makeup. You can use Lakme 9 to 5 lipstick for simple look.

Lakeme 9 to 5 lipstick


The eye makeup applied here is simple to get, and fewer beauty items are also employed. Apply your moisturizer and primer first, then your eye makeup. After that, apply the coral lipstick and flush your cheeks.

  1. The Spectacular Diwali Makeup Look

diwali look
BY- YouTube / Source- Google Images

This beauty look is a little challenging, but you can pull it off beautifully with the right tools and palettes.

The face is perfectly contoured with a matte finish foundation, gold highlighter, and bronzer. See what she did to get this stunning eye makeup look.

Use concealer to lay on a foundation first, then choose the deeper brown color till the crease. Use Lakme Absolute Infinity Eyeshadow Pallete.

lakme eye shadow pallete


Above the crease line, apply a green or crimson hue and mix it well. Then, to get that dramatic appearance, add gold eyeshadow. Make sure your brows are shaped with a brow pencil before you continue with eyeshadow. Apply the liquid lipstick in the nude shade to finish the look.

  1. The Sparkly Holiday Makeup Look

Sparkly Holiday makeup look

The secret to going big with your makeup is to use a lot of eyeshadow. This particular makeup style is the appropriate festive makeup look. Everything screams Indian festival vibes, from the sparkly eyeshadow to the dark lipstick.

The wine-colored lipstick and understated facial cosmetics enhance the silver or gold eyeshadow to the best effect. When applying this eyeshadow, creating a division with a crease line is the most crucial step to remember.

Gold eye shadow


On the top crease, you can see the various tones; below that, you can see a combination of silver and burgundy eyeshadow. The eyeliner with wings and the nicely arched brows are like the icing on the cake.

  1. Kill the Daring Pout Makeup Look

daring pout
BY- Sugarcosmetics / Source- Google Images

A traditional bold pout is the ultimate confidence builder. Regardless of your stance on nude lipsticks, nothing can ever match the impact of a full red pout. Your bland makeup is suddenly given alive by the sultry lips.

sugar cosmetics lipstick


Add foxy eye makeup or a subtly smudged look for the intense stare required with this lip. Wear a bold red lipstick with SUGAR Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick in the shade 01 Brazen Raisin, and hydrate your lips with a nourishing lip balm to garner praise all day!

  1. Do Not Be Afraid of Neon Makeup Look

Neon makeup look
BY- Sugarcosmetics / Source- Google Images

Neon has tremendous power. This year’s Diwali makeup looks may make to stand out with vivid, fluorescent eyes. The slightest dab of slime green or explosive yellow neon eyeshadow will undoubtedly add fire to your Diwali-specific makeup. Just combine the SUGAR Mauve Nude color.

Neon yellow eyeshadow


Rule-Blending Eyeshadow Apply the neon-yellow shade with a tiny brush from the inner corner of your eyes to the center of your lids, using the palette as a transition shade all over your lids.

  1. Monochrome Makeup Look

monochrome diwali makeup look
BY- Zeezest / Source- Google Images

The look is easy to achieve and adds the perfect amount of shimmer for Diwali. Using the same hue on your cheeks, lips, and eyes while wearing vibrant, daring clothing will leave you speechless.

Keep your face fresh and apply plenty of blush. Use SUGAR Face FWD >> Blush Stick in the shade 02 Pink Prime, a creamy blush comparable to that.

different makeup looks to try


Maintain the monotone theme by matching the color of your lips and eyes. Use the shade 06 Pink Aloud of the SUGAR Nothing Else Matter Longwear Lipstick.

  1. Glistening Copper Eye Makeup Look

glistring eye makeup look
BY- Pinterest / Source- Google Images

While colored eyelids are ideal for the holiday season, elevate your eyes even further with shiny gilded makeup this year. Put some drama into your everyday Diwali makeup look by slaying it. The warm, summery color will stand out when paired with stunning white attire.

different makeup looks to try


Blend SUGAR Eye Love Jelly Eyeshadow in the shade 05 Copper Charisma along your lid and up into your crease for a soft smoky copper eye. Use a cream eyeshadow as a foundation to obtain the most pleasing color payoff and maintain the shine all night. The copper eye is good for a simple saree makeup look.

  1. Dramatic Lash Level Makeup Look

diwali eye makeup
BY- Vogue / Source- Google Images

Are you a drama queen?

Then you need thick, dramatic lashes. Long lashes and the lovely au naturel makeup will give your face the ideal amount of glam. Select a waterproof mascara that won’t run. To create thicker, fuller, and amplified lashes, use SUGAR Lash of The Titans Volumizing Mascara.

Lash mascara


The lightweight product sets and dries swiftly, allowing you to immediately go on to your next layer of makeup. Again, to carry a simple makeup look with a saree, this one is the best. To obtain flawless lashes every time, don’t forget the curler. Try out this easy Diwali makeup directly!

Bonus Diwali Makeup Tips:

The lights, the ethnic clothing, and the jewelry make the event more dazzle. So why not accessorize your cosmetics as well?

Sounds good?

Glossy skin, high shine, and luminosity are also popular in all fashion circles.

Wear a polished cosmetics look for a dazzling, beautiful you this Diwali by following these steps:

  1. Primer

Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Matte Face Primer


Primer is like an “under-makeup,” It can make even the most lifeless and uninteresting face shine like the sun in the morning. Additionally, it conceals wrinkles and fine lines and aids in the longevity of your makeup. Put some primer below your makeup on a clean, moisturized face.

  1. Incorporate Skin Illuminator into Your Foundation

Swiss Beauty Foundation Pearl Illuminator Liquid Highlighter


For a pearly shine, blend the skin illuminator into your foundation after applying primer. Skin illuminators are creams with pearlized sheen that reflect light onto the skin, giving it a dewy, luminous appearance.

  1. Eye Makeup

Lakme Absolute Explore Liquid Eye shadow Blackstar Gold & Karat Gold


Cover your eyelid with a shiny, shimmering gold eye shadow up to the natural crease for the most positive effect. Don’t forget to use a metallic beige to emphasize the brow bone. Add wing tip eyeliner and a few coats of mascara after for a dramatic look.

  1. A Bold Pout

Lakme Lipstick Red Vibe


For a holiday like Diwali, a pout is perfect. Choose high gloss lip tints in hot pink, crimson, plum, or poppy reds. Orange is a different makeup look to try to watch out for since it complements Indian skin tones quite well. The color you choose must complement the outfits you want to wear. Add some glimmer to your pout by sprinkling a little gold dust in the middle. A smoky eye makeup look combined with glossy nudes and pinks for your lips is an alternative if you don’t like solid lips and want to keep the attention on your eyes.

  1. Cream Blush

Ruby's Organics Crème Blush


Spread some blush on the high points of your cheeks. The most crucial part of glossy makeup is using a liquid highlighter on your cheekbones, nose bridge, cupid’s bow, and brow bone to emphasize those features and provide a subtle shine.

You’re ready to rule Diwali night with your magnificent, bright, glossy makeup look.

Bottom Line

The blog post on Diwali makeup looks has come to an end. Diwali is almost approaching, so if you haven’t already, get some cosmetics and beauty equipment and get ready to recreate the Indian festive makeup looks. The above 10 are the different makeup looks to try. Diwali beauty ideas are simple to imitate, so even complete novices can be selfie-ready in no time! What are you still holding out for?

Try one of these festive Diwali makeup styles to feel merry!

Loader image

I’m going to suggest Dewy Makeup.

This is for our highlighter fans! Shiny, glossy skin has taken over the globe thanks to K-beauty, and you can get it too. It is one of the most-simple Diwali makeup looks to create. Begin your appearance with a skin-illuminating, extremely moisturizing primer. Mix a liquid or jelly highlighter with your primer for additional radiance. Apply a natural finish foundation to complete the dewy effect. Set just the appropriate places and add another highlighter to the high spots.

First, primer is applied. Concealer is then used to mask defects and discolorations. The foundation is laid, followed by loose powder, to keep your makeup in place.

Here’s How to Apply Light Makeup

Step 1: Even out and correct your skin tone.

Step 2: Draw a tight line around your eyes with a black or brown liner.

Step 3: Define and lift your lashes.

Step 4: Apply natural color to the cheekbones and lips.

Step 5: Fill in and shape your brows.

Traditional makeup is most typically done with professional makeup brushes and other instruments. Traditional makeup is applied using hand tools such as a brush, beauty blender, or sponge and may be massaged into the skin to achieve an even finish. Depending on the product, traditional makeup coverage may vary from a natural dewy sheen to a matte-heavy/full coverage.

Airbrush makeup is an excellent option for women who want a more natural wedding makeup appearance. It's also great for aged skin since it looks less cakey than traditional makeup. One of the primary benefits of airbrush makeup is its high performance. Most airbrush makeup is silicone-based, which means it lasts longer and is more resistant to water than everyday makeup.

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