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christmas makeup palette

Get creative this holiday season by experimenting with fun and unique Christmas makeup look ideas! There’s something for everyone, from traditional holiday designs to out-of-the-box originals! I’ve compiled a list of the most fantastic Christmas makeup palette, beauty ideas, Christmas ornaments, and Christmas makeup sets for you to try this holiday season! To get the whole festive experience, check out my article on inspired Christmas makeup ideas in 2022!

Christmas makeup palette & Makeup, Brushes for Christmas

christmas makeup palette

  1. Nightmare Before Christmas Makeup Brushes

nightmare before christmas makeup brushes
BY- PINTEREST / Source- Google Images

One of my weaknesses is the nightmare before Christmas makeup brushes, so I wanted to test out the Makeup Revolution Nightmare Before Christmas makeup 2022 collections this year!

Breakdown of the Makeup Revolution

Before I tell you more about the Nightmare Before Christmas makeup collection, here’s a little rundown of this new brand!

  • Does not do animal testing
  • It does not use third-party laboratories to test its goods on animals.
  • Their raw material sources do not do animal testing.
  • They do not offer their goods in regions where animal testing is required.
  • Although 75% of their items are vegan, some are not (click here for a complete list of Vegan products on their site).

Eye Shadow Palette from The Nightmare Before Christmas (Not Vegan)

The Nightmare Before Christmas set included a Jack and Sally Christmas makeup palette. I bought the Sally Pallet, and I adore it!! Overall, it’s mostly fall tones (red, orange, gold) with a few stunning purple and green tints. The pigment is incredible. You may layer it, but the colors stand out even with the lightest shade.

  • My favorite everyday colors have been Mad Scientist, Play Dead, and Take a Chance.
  • Moonlight topped with Chills and Deadly Nightshade is my go-to hue for dressing up (at home, helloooo lockdown round two). All three are distinct brilliant purple colors.

When this Christmas makeup collection was released, I desperately needed new brushes, so I purchased the brush Christmas makeup gift sets in 2022! The bright detailing behind the figures makes the characters stand out on the handles, and the brushes come in a beautiful container with Jack’s skulls and Demon heads. Each brush’s bristles are well-made, but there is better makeup for Christmas brushes I’ve ever used. I use them, but I also use other products for a complete makeup appearance.

The Sally Beauty Eyeshadow Christmas makeup palette does not fit in it, but the meetings and highlighter do! It includes adorable decals that match the makeup brushes! I now store my everyday makeup for Christmas in a transparent cosmetic bag for convenient access.

  1. Nightmare Before Christmas Highlighter with Zero Lipstick (Vegan!)

Nightmare Before Christmas Highlighter with Zero Lipstick
BY- KKANTOINETTE / Source- Google Images

I chose transparent lipgloss since I don’t wear much lip makeup. The Zero lip gloss has a pleasant vanilla taste and excellent clear lip gloss.

The Misfit’s highlighter has a lovely but faint, golden sheen. It’s a very similar hue to my old favorite: Becca highlighter in Champagne.

Have you cleaned out your cosmetics drawer yet?

Begin the New Year with a conscientious consumer refresh of your cosmetics Christmas makeup collection! In my slow fashion piece, Beauty Brands to Ditch and Keep, I discuss which cosmetics brands you should never purchase again.

While we’re at it, why follow the other four easy steps to transition from Fast to Slow Fashion?

Christmas makeup looks 2022

christmas makeup palette

Think no further because we’ve created stunning and pleasing Christmas makeup looks for you. We believe there is something for everyone, so look at our recommendations below and be inspired.

  1. Makeup for Dark Lips

christmas makeup palette

If you’re looking for a more dramatic makeup appearance, look no further! This black lip and medium-toned eyeshadow look may be perfect for a Christmas celebration in 2022.

Make an effort to apply a more moisturizing lipstick to avoid the unflattering dry lips appearance. And mix it with an eyeshadow look that provides enough contour without overpowering.

  1. Vintage Hollywood Glamour

christmas makeup palette

Nothing shouts Christmas like red lipstick; choose one with a shine for an even more dramatic impact.

Combine it with dewy skin, smoked black eyeliner, and a light eyeshadow. The result is an intense makeup look ideal for brightening up those chilly winter evenings.

  1. Intense Lip for a Christmas Party

Intense Lip for a Christmas Party

Nothing screams Christmas like the right red lip color that reminds us of Santa, tree decorations, and everything else we love about the holidays. It adds just the perfect touch to a whole and radiant makeup look.

I promise there will be no criticism of your choices here. Leave the hat at home if the Christmas party you’re attending is more high-brow. And maybe don’t.

  1. Makeup Look in Soft Gold

Makeup Look in Soft Gold

Consider warm-toned, brighter makeup if you want to try something different this Christmas season in 2022.

Look at the one below, which has gold-toned eyeshadow and dramatic lashes. Finish with a bright orange lip, and you’re ready for a unique and out-of-the-ordinary holiday look.

  1. Glow-From-Within Appearance

Glow-From-Within Appearance

Sometimes the simplest things have the most effect. This style is simple, but the outcome is stunning: you are your most attractive, luminous self.

You can get this radiant and easy effect by placing little accents in the perfect areas. Choose a neutral eyeshadow and nude lipstick with the right combination of brown and rose tones.

  1. Eyeshadow Blended Softly

christmas makeup palette

There’s a paradox: everything seems relatively subdued, yet the outcome pops!

The key is to keep everything soft, with no hard edges or sharp lines; apply a black pencil to the eyelids, then blend and blur with a matching eyeshadow. The next step is to bring in a lipstick color that is not too bright but yet not too faded.

  1. Smokey Soft Eyes

Smokey eye makeup

A smoky eye is sometimes all you need to stand out from the crowd. You don’t need to use a lot of black eyeshadows to draw attention to your eyes.

I’ve matched it with rosy nude lipstick and a light blush that enhances the skin just enough in this look.

  1. Makeup in a Neutral Tone

Neutral Tone makeup

It is a sensual makeup style that seems simple and appropriate for any occasion, even a holiday gathering.

The key is to use more brownish and monochromatic tones. To properly enhance the contour, use a medium brown eyeshadow with a touch of black. Tone it with a very pale lipstick with a hint of sheen, and you’re good to go!

  1. Makeup Look with Dramatic Lipstick

When it comes to bright lip colors, why not branch out from the traditional holiday red?

Dramatic Lipstick makeup

This next look has nearly fluorescent fuchsia lipstick, which will make a statement at whatever party you attend.

  1. Quick and Easy Christmas Makeup Look

Easy Christmas Makeup Look

If you want to keep things easy, try this delicate pinkish makeup look. It draws precisely the appropriate amount of attention to your most outstanding characteristics and is simple to recreate.

Everyone, cheers!

Christmas Makeup Sets 2022

christmas makeup sets

If you’re like me and searching for Christmas makeup gift box ideas, gift packs are a terrific way to give someone the ideal present for Christmas that they may not have tried before or something they might not be able to buy for themselves all year. We all need some TLC, whether in the form of skincare, haircare, or cosmetics. Here are our favorite 2022 Christmas makeup kits for a fast, simple, and economical present to cross off your list this holiday season.


BY- BRAZILIANBUTTERFLY / Source- Google Images

An excellent sheet mask filled with vitamins, minerals, botanical actives, and hyaluronic acid to soothe, nourish, and hydrate for dewy, bright skin. Made from a soft, eco-friendly bamboo and cellulose sheet that adapts to your face’s contours, providing optimum coverage to distribute active ingredients to the eye contours and face.


BY- AMAZON / Source- Google Images

The Christmas makeup gift sets of products with powerful thirst-quenching active ingredients that revive skin moisture for incredibly moisturized skin. The ideal Christmas gift for thirsty skin.

  • Hydrating Melting Cream 50ml includes. Melts into the skin instantly for robust and long-lasting moisture.
  • Intense Moisturising Quenching Serum 30ml Intense thirst-quenching active ingredients revive skin hydration for incredibly moisturized skin.
  • 10ml Soothing Eye Care Smooth and hydrate the eye region.

BY- MYLOOK.FI / Source- Google Images

These are thoughtful and handy Christmas makeup gifts of natural and organic skincare products that are suitable for all skin types. Cleanse, tone, and moisturize are all taken care of!

  • Rose Day Cream 30ml moisturizes, protects, and calms the skin.
  • 30ml Facial Toner It energizes and fortifies your skin.

FREE BONUS 30ml Soothing Cleansing Milk Ideal for removing makeup Christmas from all skin types. Anthyllis, jojoba, and almond oil wash while calming sensitivities and cooling redness.


BY- QUENCHBOTANICS / Source- Google Images

An excellent sheet mask filled with vitamins, minerals, botanical actives, and hyaluronic acid to soothe, nourish, and hydrate for dewy, bright skin. It makes from a soft, eco-friendly bamboo and cellulose sheet that adapts to your face’s contours, providing optimum coverage to distribute active ingredients to the eye contours and face.


BY- BESTPRODUCTS / Source- Google Images

These are the ideal Christmas makeup gifts for anybody with oily or acne-prone skin. This assortment of goods will assist you in your quest for clarity, regardless of age.

  • Asap daily exfoliating face scrub is included. 50mL clear complexion gel asap
  • aSap daily defense SPF50+ Moisturiser 50mL asap liquid platinum 50mL asap super B complex 30mL asap super A+ serum asap luxury facial cloth 15mL asap premium travel bag

Makeup Christmas Decorations

Makeup Christmas Decorations

I understand how difficult it may be to discover the same color scheme or to pinpoint that one item lacking from your design that you can’t pin down. Consider implementing these three seasonal and universally attractive design elements into your house.

  1. Potpourri with Pine Needles

Pine Potpourri with needles
BY- MARTHASTEWART / Source- Google Images

Every beautiful design has a centerpiece, and few things evoke the spirit of Christmas more than potpourri centered on pine needles. Traditionally crafted from downed pine branches, the Christmas tree is one of the holiday season’s most iconic symbols.

Not only will pine needle potpourri Christmas makeup look gorgeous as a centerpiece and help balance out your design, but it will also smell great. The delicate perfume of pine needles is ideal for introducing a natural, subtle taste into your house without overpowering your visitors or masking the lovely aromas emanating from your kitchen while supper cooks.

  1. A Long-Lasting Area Rug

A Long-Lasting Area Rug christmas decoration
BY- WALMART / Source- Google Images

When tying together the other elements of an interior design, few objects accomplish it as effectively or attractively as an area rug. When it comes to a Christmas theme, you may center the rest of your design to match the colors, patterns, and textures already in your rug.

It’s OK if your rug isn’t entirely green or red. You may acquire Christmas items that match your carpet’s unique patterns and textures as inspiration. Diamond patterns go well with snowflake patterns, and the surfaces may echo in your tablecloth or sofa covers. If you are OK with going all out, you could locate a lovely, high-quality rug in greens and reds that you only use during the holiday season. It will not only help you achieve your ideal design, but it will also preserve your floor and insulate your home for many years to come.

  1. Handmade Christmas Tree Decorations

Handmade Christmas Tree Decorations
BY- HOUSEBEAUTIFUL / Source- Google Images

Nothing adds a personal touch to a design like something you built, and nothing puts a Christmas design together like your Christmas tree. To make the most of both sides of your plan, adorn your Christmas tree with handcrafted decorations. Gingerbread man decorations, miniature Christmas stockings knitted by hand, or a little needle-felt snowman are examples of makeup Christmas ornaments you may create.

With this method, you are open to something other than your Christmas tree. You could make your pine needle centerpiece or weave your mistletoe pattern over your entryway. The particular makeup Christmas ornament you use isn’t as important as the fact that you made them yourself and that they convey the love and warmth that Christmas brings into your heart.

Christmas Theme Eye Makeup Tutorial

Christmas Theme Eye Makeup Tutorial

I went through all my eyeshadow colors and thought about pairing them with my Inglot Christmas makeup palette to create this Christmas makeup look. Because this is my first eye makeup lesson, my directions, and makeup Christmas may be sloppy. However, I thought this was good and would share it with you. Because Christmas was coming, I decided to attempt a Christmas makeup look.

Here Are How I Did it And the Steps I Took:

Step 1:

Complete the CTM procedure for your face, then apply the primer (optional – I didn’t use it). Apply your HG foundation first, followed by the compact.

Step 2:

Apply eyelid primer. I used a Catrice concealer stick and topped it with some Catrice mineral powder.

Step 3:

Dab it on the inner half of your eyes using the white highlighter eye makeup Christmas. Please disregard the stupid brush in the photo; I’ve misplaced my flat-make brush from the NYCX kit.

Step 4:

Apply a highlighter on the brow bone arc.

Step 5:

Using a flat brush, apply the Inglot Eye Shadow Matte 382 to the outer V of your lids, then line the crease line with it.

After thoroughly mixing both colors, you should obtain something like this.

Step 6:

Using a flat brush, dab the Inglot Eye Shadow Pearl 430 Christmas makeup palette in the center of your lid, and mix it nicely with the white and matte red eye shadows. It softens the bright white and red eyeshadows. You may omit this step if you want a more dramatic Christmas eye appearance.

After completing both eyes:

Step 7:

Apply liner, kohl, and mascara as desired. I used Almay black liner to the upper and lower lashes, Revlon Kohl Pencil to the outer one-third of the waterline, and Maybelline Great Lash Mascara to the upper and lower lashes. Because I have smaller eyes, I used an Oriflame eyeliner pencil (Yasmine) on the waterline instead of a white eye pencil (I need to buy it urgently).

Step 8:

This is entirely optional. I like face painting, as seen by my attempt at a Bohemian butterfly style. I grabbed the eyeshadow applicator and softly dampened it. Then I smeared it on Inglot matte 382 eyeshadow and formed a simple V design beside both eyes, as shown:

Step 9:

Apply the blusher in peach. Oriflame visions blusher peach stick is what I’m wearing.

Step 10:

Finish with your favorite lipstick. I’m wearing a dark pink color from my Glamour Goddess Christmas makeup palette!!


Your Christmas outfit is complete!! 😀 Please let me know how you like it!

Bottom Line

Christmas festival is quickly approaching, reminding you that you should begin planning and preparing for everything right now! Christmas festival is the most important event of the year and is when the actual celebration starts. You must have determined to appear attractive with a Christmas makeup palette, and have a good time throughout your vacation! You must have set up the crib and adorned your room with Christmas decorations. If not, use one of the most fantastic Christmas makeup ideas from the list above!


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The year is 2022, and Christmas is quickly approaching. The Christmas season is an excellent time to experiment with new cosmetic looks, and with 2023 being a new year, what better time to begin than now? Here are some of the finest 2022 Christmas makeup looks:

  1. Smokey Warm Eye

A warm smoky eye is an ideal way to add drama to your Christmas beauty look. A warm-toned makeup palette and smoky eye techniques use to get this look.

  1. Glistening Skin

Christmas is the ideal moment to show off your radiance! Use a luminous foundation, highlighter, and blush to create radiant skin.

  1. Festive Lipstick

A festive lip is a must-have for every holiday cosmetic look. Begin by lining your lips with a red lip liner to get the ideal festive lip. Then, using crimson lipstick, fill in your lips. Finally, finish with a clear gloss.

  1. Shine and sparkle

Adding a little glitter and shine to your Christmas makeup is a terrific way to add seasonal fun to your appearance. Use a glittering eyeshadow to get this look.

It might be challenging to regain shape after a long, dismal winter. You could have gained a few pounds, and your skin may be dry and lifeless. But don't give up! There are several methods to prepare your body and skin for summer.

Starting to exercise is one approach to getting your body back in shape. Even if you don't get much exercise during the winter, there is still time to start. Find an activity that you love doing so that you will be more inclined to persist with it. If you dislike going to the gym, there are several alternatives, such as working out at home with a fitness DVD or running or strolling outdoors.

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Makeup is a manifestation of art, whether natural beauty or an understanding of what is considered attractive. All cosmetics are an interpretation of what it means to be beautiful. An elf's definition of beauty may vary significantly from ours. They may assume that the more natural they seem, the more beautiful they are. It might explain why they wear very little if any, cosmetics.

When selecting the finest party makeup, there are a few factors to consider. The first consideration is the sort of party you're attending. Do you want to opt for a natural or a more glamorous look? A nightclub will need a different appearance than a more formal function. Finally, remember to consider your budget.

While some may argue that the ideal party makeup is whatever makes you feel the most confident, there are a few more considerations to think about. For example, opt for a more modest appearance if you're attending a more formal event. If you're going out with your girls, you may want to go all out with glitter and intense lipstick. Whatever appearance you choose, make sure it makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Evening party makeup comes in various styles, each with its unique aesthetic. Smoky eye makeup is one of the most popular styles of evening party makeup. Smoky eye makeup is an excellent method to get a sensual, seductive appearance for any night out.

Glamourous makeup is another popular form of evening party makeup. Glamorous makeup is all about achieving a glossy, elegant appearance. It is often quite theatrical, including artificial lashes and firm lips.

Which evening party makeup is best for you?

It all relies on your unique style and the appearance you want to achieve.

Do you wish to seem sultry and sexy?

Do you like to appear elegant and glamorous?

Or you'd like to try something different.

Whatever look you want to achieve, some fantastic evening party makeup choices are available. So go ahead and try something new!

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