Christmas makeup looks

Have you chosen your Christmas attire yet? Aside from clothing, have you considered the Christmas makeup looks you want to achieve?

I appreciate the predicament since pairing a festive dress with the proper cosmetics is no simple task. That is why I’m providing some never-before-seen Christmas makeup looks 2021 & ideas to help you ace just about any lively appearance.

With that stated, it’s time for beauty fans to get out their vanity boxes, sit in front of the mirror, and try out our selection of charming Christmas makeup looks.

Top Trending Christmas Makeup Looks & Ideas 2021

Christmas makeup looks

I’ve compiled a list of the best Christmas makeup looks easy you should attempt this holiday season to keep you updated on the newest Christmas fashion and beauty trends. Various famous individuals and artists inspire these well-known themes from throughout the globe.

Easy Christmas Makeup Looks & Ideas for Lips

  1. Lipstick in Brown

Christmas makeup looks 2021

Bushy brows, nude eyes, and a generous application of dark lipstick are the season’s barely their tributes. The black lip is always a good choice. For a consistent finish, stick to matte.

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  1. Lipstick in Tangerine

Christmas makeup looks easy

Like the attractive garnish on a drink, the delightful tangerine lips are most delicate when they seem juicy. To achieve the most delectable finish this Christmas 2021, create a glossy, satin, or gloss finish in the same tone. Literally!

  1. Lips with Double Red Glitter

Easy Christmas Makeup Looks

Double red glitter lips will give your Christmas party LBD an immediate edge. It is also ideal for celebrating Christmas with friends and family. Keep the eyes naked while applying this beautifully brilliant eyeliner.

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  1. Rose Gold Lips with a Foil-Effect

Rose Gold Lipstick

Glitter lips were a smash, but it’s time to move on to foil-effect lips. This season’s trend is to create a rose gold pucker using liquid metallic lipsticks.

  1. Lips in Berry

berry lipstick

Stained cherry lips are not only attractive, but they also keep the Christmas party vibe alive. Use your finger to obscure the insides for a smeared makeup appearance to get the look.

Cute Christmas Makeup Looks & Ideas for Eyes

  1. Leaf of Gold

gold leaf eye makeup
BY- Lionesse Beauty Bar / Source- Google Images

The gold eye makeup is a traditional Christmas look. You may add an ethereal touch by applying gold leaf strokes.

  1. Purple Color Scheme

Purple eye makeup

Alternatively, if you’re sick of utilizing a gold, red, white, and green color scheme for the holidays, try a splash of purple.

  1. Green or White Eyeliner

Green or White Eyeliner

Christmas makeup looks don’t have to be expensive. Fill in the inner and outer corners of your eyes with a thin line of the white liner. Alternatively, add a dash of green eyeliner for a genuinely festive appearance.

  1. Glittery Spectacles

Glitter eye makeup

The Christmas season has finally here, and we are well prepared to adorn our eyes with glitter. It’s pointless to argue about it; it comes with the territory. Fortunately, there are sophisticated techniques to apply shimmer to your eyes that appear refined and lovely. We’ve shown several alternative ways to make glitter eyeballs.

  • The first look is a more subdued take on the season’s smeared glitter finish around the borders of the eyes.
  • The second look is a spatter of gold glitter on the eyelashes, which quickly brightens the eyes without making them appear small.
  • Instead of black eyeliner, the third look features a festive glitter flick.
  • The final appearance incorporates glitter particles to create a cat-eye effect.
  1. Eyeshadow in Rose Gold

Rose Gold Eyeshadow
BY- PINTEREST / Source- Google Images

Rose-gold has made its way into the beauty world, appearing in highlighters and eyeshadow Christmas makeup looks or colors alike. Try one by combining a warm gold tone in the crease this season. To complete the look, apply eyeliner and mascara.

Simple Christmas Makeup Looks & Ideas for Cheeks

  1. Contoured Cheekbones

Contoured Cheekbones

Contouring the cheekbones is another Christmas makeup looks simple. To get the look, apply a neutral shadow to the lids and bottom lashes, then contour with a contour powder below the cheekbones.

  1. Neutral Cheeks

Neutral Cheeks

Stick to a neutral palette for the eyes, lips, and cheeks for a basic yet attractive Christmas makeup looks for beginners.

  1. Iridescent Highlighter

Iridescent Highlighter

Haven’t we all heard about the rise in popularity of highlighters?

We’re talking about the beauty world’s obsession with dazzling cheekbones. However, a more understated appearance may go a long way during the holidays. Make your bare-faced highlighter with a glitter-based product and a blending brush. Lightly swab it on.

  1. Creamy Peach Blush

Creamy Peach Blush
BY- TEMPTALIA / Source- Google Images

This style is quite simple to achieve. Dab a peachy cream blush over your cheekbones. For a monochromatic look, apply to the eyelids and lips.

  1. Pink Blush 

Pink Blush 
BY- MIDORIKITTYKITTY / Source- Google Images

Highlight the cheekbones with a pink blush to get a beautiful effect. Finish with rose-pink lips and cat eyes to complete the product.

Easy Christmas Makeup Looks for Beginners Ideas For Brows

  1. Brows with Baubles

Brows with Baubles
BY- PEDESTRIAN / Source- Google Images

Bauble brows should be your go-to Christmas beauty look (if you are looking for one). It has glittering brows adorned with red and white Swarovski beads.

  1. Brows of a Christmas Tree

Brows of a Christmas Tree
BY- MAKEUP.COM / Source- Google Images

We think this year’s cosmetic trends are over-the-top based on the quantity of Christmas-inspired brows. It’s lovely because it wonderfully personifies the festive season. It also allows you to go extravagant or conservative.

  1. Faux Santa Claus Hat

Faux Santa Claus Hat
BY- CAPITALFM / Source- Google Images

Take a peek at this vintage fake Santa hat below. Do you think this is appropriate for Christmas?

  1. Mistletoe Eyebrows

Mistletoe Eyebrows
BY- PINTEREST / Source- Google Images

Last but not least, adorn your brows with lovely mistletoe paint. Stroke up pretends untidy bushy brows to achieve the same effect.

  1. Red and Gold Christmas Baubles with a Glimmer

Christmas makeup looks
BY- LIVEKINDLY / Source- Google Images

It is a dramatic, beautiful, and festive appearance.

This red and gold look is for a lady who wants to focus on attention, particularly with the glitter and effects in the brow and lower lashes “dripping” crimson and gold.

Fun Christmas Makeup Looks

  1. The Ice Queen

Christmas makeup looks

We may not receive much snow this year over the Christmas season, but that shouldn’t stop you from bringing some of it inside. Even if it’s dreary and pouring outside, recreating these ice queen Christmas makeup looks will give you some of that white excitement!

These fun Christmas makeup looks are simple to replicate, and you may modify them to fit your requirements and makeup skill. All you’ll need is some white and blue makeup, as well as a lot of glitters!

  1. Makeup for Rudolph

Christmas makeup looks
BY- GIRLSLIFE / Source- Google Images

This Rudolph makeup style is more fun and challenging to mix up makeup looks. The eyes may take some time, but you may tailor the appearance to your needs and makeup ability.

  1. The Christmas Clown

Christmas makeup looks
BY- STANDARD.CO.UK / Source- Google Images

If you have COULROPHOBIA, I recommend avoiding this outfit! Coulrophobia is a weird phenomenon, and while I don’t have it, I don’t enjoy clowns. Kids adore them and would love to have these cosmetics! This clown style is delightful since it exudes a joyful atmosphere and is quite attractive!

  1. The Santa Sleigh

Christmas makeup looks
BY- ALLURE / Source- Google Images

With this Christmas Sleigh, you may ride into the night sky. It isn’t the most straightforward style to pull off, but it’s certainly adequate and lovely! If you’re searching for a way to pass the time, this appearance is ideal. It will take time and talent, but be prepared to have a lot of fun!

  1. Makeup Inspired by Candy Canes

Christmas makeup looks
BY- BEAUTYBAY / Source- Google Images

Yes, you may overindulge in candy canes at this time of year. There is no way that’s the case! Bring the candy canes to your face with these lovely & easy Christmas makeup looks if you don’t want to destroy your teeth too much. The only disadvantage of this look is that it makes me need even more candy canes!

Final Words

It is all we got for Christmas makeup looks 2021. I hope you had fun scrolling through these. Remember to return the Makeup Revolution Blog for more Christmas news, entertaining articles, beauty, Fashion reviews, and makeup tutorials.

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I have listed 3 of the best Christmas Makeup Eyeshadow Looks 2021

  1. Sweet Santa’s Eye Makeup!

At first glance, Santa-inspired eye makeup may seem difficult. Just play around with red glitter eye makeup, and then apply a thick layer of mascara, and you'll be ready to go. The next step is to add an adorable Santa hat on the side of your face over your eyebrow.

  1. Makeup Inspired by the Snowman

We'll always have a sweet spot in our hearts for the snowman, no matter how old we become! Try this lovely snowman-themed eye makeup look if you want to emanate that love through your eyes.

  1. Glittery and Gold Eye Makeup

If you're hesitant to use too much eyeshadow on your lids and want to keep things simple, try this eye-catching Christmas makeup looks. Make it with simply two eye shadows, yellow and orange, plus a few glitter and star stickers.

It's everything here. Finally, the present last-minute wrap and placed under the tree, the dress was dry cleaned and is now ready to wear, and dinner is in the oven. The only thing you need to do is dress up for the Christmas dinner at the end of the day.

Here are eight pointers to help you look your best this holiday season.

  1. Prepare your skin
  2. Over-the-top make-up
  3. Illuminate those shadows with a highlighter
  4. A hairstyle is a basic but effective one
  5. When it comes to using artificial lashes, go for it.
  6. Going to the salon for a pedicure
  7. A good cleavage.
  8. Finally, Retouch the night before if you need to

You may work as a Christmas elf in a mall or a children's hospital during the holiday season, or you could volunteer as an elf with Santa at a Christmas fair. Another reason to wear festive makeup is to attend Christmas parties, for example, when you may don a dark elf appearance. Dewy skin, glitter, and sparkles are the hallmarks of elf makeup.

Makeup for Green and Red Eyes

Make a lovely elf appearance by applying red and green eye makeup to your lids. Apply green cream shadow all over your lids using your fingers, starting from the top and bottom lashes. Finish by tracing an upward line of cream red shadow around the outer corners of the covers. The red should be barely visible yet stand out. Make use of a substantial amount of green shadow to get a prominent and eye-catching result. Use it with a thin red gloss and a cream blush to get a dewy effect.

Crystals and Glitter

Apply eyelash glue to the outer corners of the eyes to secure little plastic crystals. The hair, shoulders, decolletage, and ears may benefit from a little dusting of loose glitter. Create an eye-catching look by layering cream glitter in a variety of shades of silver, red, and gold on your cheekbones and brow bone. Define the eyes by applying brown eye pencil to the lids on both the upper and lower lashes and then finishing with a couple of coats of brown-black mascara. Apply red nail paint and then a clear, sparkly polish on top.

You don't have to have dry skin. Reassessing your skincare routine is the first step to wearing makeup throughout the cold months. Exfoliation and intensive hydration are the keys to a beautiful complexion. Dry skin will seem much worse if you use matte foundations. Choose a hydrating foundation. It will make it simpler for you to apply your makeup.

It didn't take long for me to realize that I had to recreate some of the Christmas party makeup looks I had seen on Instagram. It seemed to like hanging a string of Christmas lights from the side of my face was a better idea than putting the lights on my eyelid.

Two bright green hues were all that needed on the eyes, with a deeper shade winged out in the crease for extra drama. I smeared out the two green tones on my lower lash line for additional impact. A black-winged liner and my go-to pair of falsies completed the look perfectly.

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