Blowout hair

No matter how hard we try, we can’t get perfect Blowout hair anywhere but on our stylist’s chair. Sure, blowing out your own hair is more affordable and doable, but that perfection of texture and shine can only be achieved one way. There’s nothing like getting fresh hair. If you have had one, you know how you feel like whipping your hair back and forth all day long. If you have had this feeling, you also know the fear of ruining your perfect Blowout hair when you sleep.

For most of us, we only get proper Blowout hair when we get a haircut or on a special occasion, which is washed and ruined the following day. But what if you could preserve a Blowout and make it last for days? You can.

It just requires some strategy and patience. Before learning how to preserve a straight hair blowout, it is better if you train your hair to be less greasy, which means it can go two to three days without a wash. Read on to find out some tips and tricks to preserve a straight hair blowout.

Communicate with your stylist to preserve a Blowout

Blowout Hair

If you want to increase the length and time of your hair, tell that to your hairstylist. Your requirements will change the products they use. For instance, if you want to increase the length of your hair, your stylist will use fewer products as the more products there are, the more your hair will be weighed down.

Sleep Right

To take care of your hair at night, avoid sleeping on flannel pillowcases. Invest in good breathable silk or cotton-jersey pillowcase; your hair AND face will thank you. You should also try keeping down the temperature of your room as high temperatures can make you sweat, which can ruin your hair. Another thing to remember is to avoid brushing your hair before bed and leave your hair down.

If you don’t want to drown in your hair at night, you can use a fabric scrunchie to keep your hair out of the way. DON’T use an elastic hair tie since it can break your hair and create dents in it, ruining your blowout. The bun you make will depend on your hair texture and the style you want to keep:

For Fine Hair

You need to keep the volume of your blowout for fine hair. To do so, flip your hair over, twist it, roll it into a bun on top of your head and secure it with a scrunchie. Don’t use pins since they can cause creases and dents. To preserve a long hair blowout on fine hair, it’s better if you make a loose bun.

For Thick Or Coarse Hair

Blowout Hair

Since thicker hair can easily retain volume, you can create a different bun here. To preserve a hair for thicker hair, secure hair in a low ponytail at the nape, roll it into a bun, and secure with the same hair tie used to create the ponytail. You may want to roll your hair in the same direction as the bend of your curls to perfectly preserve your look.

Shower Right

There are a few things you can do to shower and preserve a Blowout at the same time. One way to do so is by pulling your hair into a shower cap and tie a handkerchief or bandana around your hairline for extra protection.

Another option is to wrap large sections around Velcro rollers (in the same direction as your hair), tie the bandana or handkerchief around your hairline, and don your shower cap. This will give you both a curl and volume boost while you shower. After showering, just remove the cap (and curlers) and shake out your hair to resettle it.

Refresh Your Hair

You need to know some tricks to keep your hair looking fresh. The first day after your Blow, your hair will still be looking fresh, so you don’t have to do much. You could just use a light-hold hairspray to keep your flyaways in place and freshen up your look.

On the second day, your locks can be a bit limp, so you may want to turn your straight hair into waves by using a medium-sized curling iron. Just make sure you keep the direction of your curls the same as the direction of your hair. Another option for second-day hair is to use a shine spray to keep your hair bouncy.

The third and fourth days may show an undesirable shine on your roots – grease. Now, it’s time to take a good dry shampoo like TRESemmé Dry Shampoo and mist it on your roots. If you want to preserve Blowout hair even further, you need to get creative with your updos, braids, ponies, and half-up, half-down styles to mask the greasiness in your hair.

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