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How do you apply clown makeup? This question is well answered if you have the appropriate appearance ready before you begin. This way, you may be certain of how you want to seem rather than just doing things blindly and seeing how they turn out. You can draw a mental picture of your clown on a sheet of paper and then collect all of the necessary items. The color combination you select is quite crucial in putting on a nice presentation.

How to Do Scary Clown Makeup

scary clown makeup

You may perform three different sorts of scary clown makeup. The traditional white-faced clown with exaggerated features, the auguste clown whose face is flesh-colored but has emphasized features, and the tramp that is generally dark and melancholy are the three types.

Steps to Do Clown

cute clown makeup

The first step in learning how to put on cute clown makeup is to keep your face clean. You may wash it in warm water with soap and dry it with a towel. Applying moisturizer is a wonderful idea if your skin is really sensitive.

If you pick the appropriate base, you can effectively answer the question of how to put on clown makeup. For the sort of easy clown makeup you’re applying, you can use a white cream or powder base or a flesh-colored one. Apply this on your face using a sponge. By patting the surface with the sponge, you can ensure that it is even.

The next step in the girls’ clown makeup application is to thoroughly fill your powder pull with powder and gently apply it to the foundation makeup. This allows you to properly lay the foundation and ensure that it will not melt when exposed to heat.

How to Do Clown Makeup Correctly

how to do clown makeup

Being a decent clown necessitates the use of clown makeup. A clown is merely a regular person without his or her makeup. So, if you really want to be a clown, you’ll need to know how to apply your own makeup.

Everyone is familiar with the appearance of a clown. This style is very simple to duplicate, but a decent clown face necessitates some makeup knowledge. To begin, you’ll need to purchase some high-quality oil-based paint.

Oil-based paints last longer and are less prone to streaking than other types of paint. Oil-based paints can be purchased from a costume store or clown/theatre makeup supplies store. You are free to use whichever colors you like.

Things You’ll Need

Things You’ll Need

Most clowns, though, begin with basic white makeup. They apply white cosmetics on their faces first, followed by color. Red is excellent for creating a large clown smile. Yellow, blue, black, and green are excellent choices for eye accents.

You’ll also need baby powder, makeup brushes, and Q-tips, so be sure to get them while you’re at the shop.

You must properly cleanse your face before applying clown. Dirt and grit will reduce the efficacy of your cosmetics. You should also pull your hair back. Leaving any stray hairs close to your face is a recipe for catastrophe. If a hair gets into your wet clown, you’ll have to reapply it.

Adding Colors

Adding Colors

Begin by applying a small coating of white makeup over your whole face. Don’t be concerned about covering up areas that you want to fill in with deeper colors. The colors will simply blend into white.

Before you start adding colors, have a strategy for where you want each one to go. If necessary, draw a design on a sheet of paper. Then, using your makeup brushes, draw them on your face. Don’t be concerned about making things flawless. You may always go back and fine-tune any line with your Q-tip.

After you’ve finished applying your colors, use a makeup brush to gently dust powder all over your face. This works as a protective layer, extending the life of your clown makeup.

The Final Step

makeup revolution

Finally, you must separate and define features such as the eyes and lips. You can use a paintbrush to apply colors that you believe would look great. Remember to powder puff the places where you want your makeup to look firm.

After the program, you may remove the makeup with baby shampoo. It may be necessary to use it three or four times to thoroughly eliminate it. Make sure you pick cosmetics for clown makeup that are suitable for your skin.

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