Banana hair mask

In this post, I am presenting to all of you a DIY banana hair mask for dry and dull hair. In the event that you dry and dull hair and need to attempt a home cure, do peruse on for additional subtleties. Also, Avocado and banana hair mask is used commonly. So, In this makeup-revolution blog, I’m going to share Banana hair mask DIY hacks with you girls 😉

What Are The Causes of Dry and Dull Hair?

Banana hair mask

There are a few purposes behind dry and dull hair like-

  • Insufficiency of nutrients
  • Unfortunate dietary patterns
  • Absence of sustenance
  • Absence of dampness
  • Not drinking sufficient water

Washing hair with extra heated water, blow-drying, shading, and so on…

Artificially treated hair will in general get dry and dull throughout some stretch of time. Openness to exceptionally sweltering or freezing climate can make hair dry and dull. Not taking legitimate consideration of hair utilizing some unacceptable hair items can likewise prompt hair drying and dulling. Stress, and openness to the sun, bright beams, can likewise make hair dull and dry.

What Are The Benefits of Banana Hair Mask?

Banana hair mask

Banana is stacked with dampness and can give adequate hydration to your hair. It is plentiful in potassium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, magnesium, and protein, which can feed and reestablish your hair back to wellbeing. Banana hair mask serves to profound condition hair and hydrates every single strand. It makes hair delicate, plush, and glossy.

It additionally helps hair growth, assists with subduing bunched-up hair. Diminishes split finishes, adding versatility and reasonability. Disposes of dandruff and scalp dryness. Banana mask for hair is unfathomably saturating and extraordinary compared to other solutions for dry and dull hair.

Fixings Required To Prepare Banana Hair Mask

  • One ready banana (You can utilize two ready bananas on the off chance that you have long hair)
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil (I have utilized additional virgin olive oil)
  • One tablespoon almond oil (I have utilized Forest Essentials cold squeezed natural virgin almond oil)
  • One tablespoon nectar (I have utilized natural nectar from Kottakal Ayurveda)
  • Two tablespoons full-fat milk (You can utilize one tablespoon cream or two tablespoons new coconut milk rather than full-fat milk. I have utilized full fat however conditioned milk) for Banana hair mask DIY.
  • One full egg

Kindly note that the above estimations of (Banana mask for hair) are for a shoulder to mid-length hair, notwithstanding, in the event that you have long hair, you can utilize two ready bananas and likewise increment the amount of one tablespoon nectar and almond or olive oil to two tablespoons.

My hair is medium length and this veil is all that anyone could need for me. In the event that you need to make the consistency of the veil somewhat thicker, add cream rather than milk or simply add one tablespoon of milk.

How To Prepare Banana Hair Mask?


  1. Assemble every one of the fixings required, so you don’t pass up a great opportunity anything.
  2. In a bowl or a soup plate, take one ready banana and cut it into little pieces. At that point utilizing a fork, crush the banana pleasantly to make a purée
  3. To this banana purée, add one egg white and yolk, add one tablespoon nectar, one tablespoon olive oil, one tablespoon almond oil, two tablespoons spoons full-fat milk.
  4. Blend every one of the fixings pleasantly and ensure no pieces are left. Your hair mask is prepared to apply.

How To Apply Banana Hair Mask?

Apply on your hair pleasantly and begin applying the veil from hair roots and work towards the strands. Attempt to apply on every one of the strands and ensure you have applied everywhere on your scalp and hair. You can integrate your hair with a free bun or clasp it up with a banana cut.

A portion of the veil may spill from your hair strands, for this you can utilize a shower cap to mask your hair subsequent to applying the mask. At that point mask your head with an old towel for extra warmth and assurance. You can leave this veil on your hair for 15 or 30 minutes.

Wash your hair completely with normal water. Avocado hair mask or Avocado and banana hair mask are used commonly as natural recipe around the globe.

Circle back to a gentle shampoo to purge your hair pleasantly. I like to utilize a gentle/scalp shampoo without Sulfate to wash my hair, after this veil. You can skip utilizing conditioner since your hair is as of now preconditioned. Allow your hair to dry normally and contact them to feel the distinction. You can utilize this mask a few times per week.

So, this was my blog for Banana hair mask DIY. I hope you girls enjoyed 😉

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