All You Need to Know About Authentic 70s Disco Makeup

Authentic 70s Disco Makeup

It’s fair to say that it was a lot of fun returning to study at a time when glittery makeup, color, and soft hair were the trend. The shamblingly loud colors and hairstyles with bouffant bobs are stunning. Today, everything needs to seem effortless, flawless, and blended to perfection, which is a quality that the authentic 70s disco makeup couldn’t meet, but it did work for the period. Today, everything needs to seem effortless, flawless, and blended to perfection, which is a quality that the 1970s couldn’t meet, but it did work for the period.

Authentic 70s Disco Makeup

Authentic 70s Disco Makeup
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There is a particular makeup style that we’re happy to let go of in the past, and it’s high time to take a trip through history to discover what we can learn from the disco 70s makeup trends in the present day of a crowded and cluttered.

  1. Do not be afraid of vibrant blue eyeshadow

historically accurate authentic 70s disco makeup
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Pastel blue eyeshadows, maybe one of the most prominent fads of the authentic 70s disco makeup, are making a comeback and can be found in Urban Decay’s latest GoT palettes and Jeffree Star Cosmetics. One thing we can learn from this once-popular trend is to embrace bold, vibrant colors for a strikingly relaxed style. Keep this look for the time of festivals if you’re willing to stroll down the streets with the bright blue hues.

  1. Lashes on the bottom are essential

hippie authentic 70s disco makeup
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Twiggy first launched the trend in the 1960s. The direction of opening the eyes was carried on into the disco 70s makeup when it was a popular trend for quite a while. Grab an eyelash that is thicker and build it up to intensify your everyday appearance. We love this Benefit Roller Eyelash for a perfect, professional look.

  1. Include massive amounts of glitter 70s disco makeup

glitter 70s disco makeup
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Glitz and glamour are never out of style, especially in the hippie authentic 70s disco makeup. We love this disco style that is incredibly easy to recreate using makeup products like NARS eyeshadow.

  1. Do not overdo it with your brows

Do not overdo it with your brows
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We enjoy a lot of authentic 70s disco makeup trends, but uneven, sloppy, and sparse brows may be a thing of the past. Natural eyebrows that are fuller and bushier are becoming popular – hooray! Finally, we have the history where women weren’t required to remove every hair from their faces and body. Take advantage of your eyebrows using this Benefit Brow Styler Duo.

  1. Feathered layers add immense volume

Feathered layers
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Hair that is significant needs to be restored and must return now. We have many tools for you to get this kind of voluminous hairstyle – our favorite is the BaByliss curl secrets. Please look at our hair styling website for volumizing hairsprays, waxes, and creams.

  1. Wear vibrant fruity colors and high gloss any time you go, no matter where

vibrant fruity colors and high gloss
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The plums, cranberry, and mulberry shades with a high-gloss finish were very fashionable in the 1970s. They were wearable throughout the year (instead of being kept for evenings out or during the winter months, which is the standard beauty rule). If you want a long-lasting high-gloss look, try using The Florence by Mills Get Glossed Lip Gloss.

  1. Rock graphic liner

Authentic 70s Disco Makeup
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This particular style was popular during the 60s, but it was widespread throughout the hippie authentic 70s disco makeup. The technique wasn’t always popular with everybody, but a bold and well-defined liner (at the top or down) was undoubtedly a favorite for goths and punks. Make your eyes stand out with a striking 70s graphic eyeliner by investing in a durable, ultra-pigmented, long-lasting liquid liner.


Dance floors are a popular spot to go on weekends! What do you think your dress and makeup look like? The pulsating music, the occasional lighting, sparkling balls, high-heeled footwear, and bell bottoms are the first impressions you get when you think of disco. But is that it?

Not! To get that stunning look. Above are some authentic 70s disco makeup tips that will get you ready to be noticed as a gorgeous diva, even when the temperature on a Saturday night is increasing! Although disco is gone, the disco makeup remains still hot, and there’s always an opportunity to use the concepts from the historically accurate authentic 70s disco makeup culture. Add some glitter 70s disco makeup here, add some shimmer, and you’re ready to go!

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The 1970s was the "Glam Rock" era, a pop music trend in the early 1970s. Gary Glitter, Sweet, Slade, and others were continually in the charts and on Top of the Pops in the United Kingdom. The decade that taste forgot was the 1970s! Makeup was bright and sparkling, with tiny gold and silver stars, purple lipstick and eye makeup, etc. I'm a male, and I simply recall how it looked on TV.



Apply blue eyeshadow to the eyelid and crease using an eyeshadow brush or your finger. Next, apply a gold eyeshadow hue on the brow bone and inner corner of the eye to emphasize. Try our easy-to-blend and super-saturated cream eyeshadow in 'Trailblazer' and 'Golden Girl' for the most dramatic eye makeup look!

A dramatic appearance for the eyes is created using black mascara, black eyeliner, and shimmer eye shadows. Softer looks became popular in the late 1970s, and powders are replaced with weak foundations that give sheer coverage. The eyes are maintained neutral for the day with mascara on the top and bottom lashes.

Deep fruit colors like plum, mulberry, and cranberry were popular in the early 1970s. Pastel colors such as peach, raspberry, and pink were popular throughout the decade.

Using a brush and liquid liner is the most straightforward technique to apply 70's eyeliner. Draw a thin line from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner of your eye on top of your lashes. You may also extend the bar slightly higher if you want a cat-eye effect. Apply a heavier liner along your lash line for a more dramatic effect.

Step 1: Apply a neutral eyeshadow on your upper lids. You want to look like the most beautiful, natural version of yourself with this look. Choose an eyeshadow color close to your natural skin tone and apply it to the crease using a brush or your fingertips.


Step 2: Draw a line around your eyes with a brow pencil. Begin with a sharpened pencil to apply pencil eyeliner. Hold the corner of your eye lightly and gently draw a thin line from the outside to the inner corner. Try to keep your gaze as near to your lashes as possible.


Step 3: Coat your top and lower lashes with a fine layer of mascara. Begin by holding the spoolie at the base of your lashes and wriggle it around to ensure the brush touches all of your lashes. Swipe the brush upwards, all the way to the tips of your lashes, and repeat until they're completely covered.

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