Makeup-Revolution is a beauty blog that celebrates diversity in beauty by showcasing makeup tutorials, swatches, beauty tips, and Reviews on underrepresented skin tones in the beauty industry!


Beauty is in the soul, not the form! While I used to believe so, my current perspective is that a little bit of makeup and a gorgeous glittery outfit may help boost your self-esteem. In fact, one of my favorite parts of going on a vacation is dressing up for it. When I dress up to hit the road or the mountains, my day takes a dramatic turn for the better. Actually, I didn’t mention that I am a travel blogger as well as a creative blogger who covers a variety of niches.

I tend to like the smaller, less well-known brands. As it can be very difficult to find consumer reviews (and sometimes any reviews at all) of these lines, I started my blog as a way to provide information and swatches for similar lovers of the beauty esoteric. I buy a lot of beauty stuff, which is where the majority of my posts come from; stuff I’ve bought and like, don’t like, or things I’m interested in.