5 Matte Lipstick Benefits & NYX Crave Lipstick Review

Matte Lipstick Benefits

Matte lipstick can look elegant and professional. Matte lipstick is not shiny and can be used as part of your makeup routine. A shade that blends well with your skin tone is the best way to get the perfect look. This makeup can be used with almost any other makeup. Let’s look at some of the matte lipstick benefits.

Benefits of Matte Lipstick

Matte Lipstick Benefits

Unlike glossy lipsticks, matte lipstick is low-maintenance. It has a very long shelf life. Although it is important to reapply every other day to maintain the finest appearance, there is less danger of cracking, caking, or the need to add moisture.

Matte Lipstick has minimal transfer and is virtually smudge-free. It does not transfer after application. This lip product is great for giving the assurance that it won’t transfer to your daily activities like eating sandwiches or drinking coffee. Matte lipsticks don’t need to be washed as often as other types.

Natural Look

benefits of matte lipstick

If you are seriously counting matte lipstick benefits, matte lipsticks can be bold, but they still have the ability to create a natural look that is totally different from many glossy ones.

This lipstick is perfect for the summer heat. Some glossy lipsticks can smudge, making them easier to remove. This happens because of heat and sweat. The matte lipstick does not heat up in hot temperatures and will stay in place without any loss of appearance.

You can have more control over the application of lipstick. You may have more control over how much lipstick you apply if you use a doe-footed applicator with glossy lipsticks. It is easy to make your lips look greasy if you apply too much lipstick.

The more benefits of matte lipstick are, these lipsticks are much easier to apply, and they will feel the same regardless of how many layers you use.

A matte lipstick can give you a more edgy look than other options, but it is still better applied.

NYX Matte Lipstick Crave Review

Product Description

matte liquid lipstick set

Load up your lips with rich, pigment-rich color with 12 new matte lipstick sets or shades. This is our surprisingly smooth lipstick, which glides on easily and holds its place with a matte finish that never feels dry. With a range of fresh colors, these brilliant flashes of color will liven up your spring outfit!

Prices and Quantities

$6.00 for 4.5g

My NYX Crave Lipstick Experience

NYX matte lipstick swatches

The matte lipstick set is packaged in a round black plastic tube with a matte finish. In simple white fonts, the tube bears the brand name and range name. On the tube’s side, you will find the shade name and ingredients. NYX crave tube’s base is marked with the shade number and shade name on a sticker.

The tube’s neck is transparent, so it is easy to see the shade. The lipstick itself is a typical bullet-shaped shape with a slanted tip. It applies the lipstick quickly and accurately without any effort. The lipstick cap clicks shut with an audible click. It does not fall off while carried. Overall, the package is nice and convenient for travel.


dark matte lipstick

Shade “NYX crave” in coral pink is bright and warm. Coral pinks are my favorite color. This lipstick is my favorite. I love the color and the formula. It is so pretty on the lips and instantly brightens the complexion.

The crave NYX swatch looks excellent on complexion tones ranging from medium to fair. This hue is vibrant and adds a splash of color. These sunglasses are ideal for the summer. These sunglasses look fantastic.


makeup revolution

The lipstick’s pigmentation is excellentNYX crave lipstick provides opaque coverage with just one swipe. I then apply a second coat to smoothen out the edges and to deepen the color. It can conceal the pigmentation of the lips quickly. NYX matte lipstick crave applies evenly to the lips and leaves no streaky marks. This craves NYX swatch has no shimmers or sheens and sets to semi-matte after only a few seconds.

It is not as matte as the NYX Full Throttle Lipstick. The lips have a healthy sheen. This lipstick does not contain any fragrance.


makeup revolution

NYX crave lipstick has a nice texture. In terms of texture, I prefer the NYX matte lipstick line to its velvet matte counterpart. It’s super creamy and buttery smooth. It glides effortlessly on the lips. NYX crave doesn’t tug on the lips or pull at them. Crave NYX swatch doesn’t settle into the lips. It is important to prepare the lips properly for a smooth look. It can stick to dry areas of the lips if it is not properly prepared.


makeup revolution

Usually NYX matte lipstick swatches so, NYX crave lipstick also fades evenly after meals, and it never becomes patchy. It is waterproof and won’t budge. Although it tends to some transfer, the formula is not very transfer-prone.

It is lightweight, but comfortable to wear. The lip color is evident on my lips, but not overpoweringly so. The dark matte lipstick doesn’t have a waxy or heavy feel. Although the lipstick formula is moderately hydrating, if your lips are excessively dry, it may not be able to keep them moisturized for long. My lips are dry after a few hours. Lip balm is essential for moisturizing the lips.

Stay Time

makeup revolution

It has average lasting power and stays on my lips for about 5 hours with some fading at the center. NYX crave lipstick needs to be reapplied after eating. It is simple to remove the lipstick. However, it leaves a pink stain on your lips. This can be removed with a good makeup remover.

Pros and Cons of Matte Lipstick Benefits

Pros & Cons

  • Coral pink shade

  • There are no shimmers

  • Semi-matte finish

  • Texture is creamy

  • No dragging of lips

  • Decent pigmentation

  • It is not a very transferable formula

  • Do not allow your lips to settle into fine lines

  • Smudgeproof

  • Heavy meals are not recommended

  • Lips get dry after 2-3 hours

I hope this matte lipstick benefits review helps you find the best lipstick for you. Stay connected to the Makeup Revolution blog, I’ll review strawberries crave NYX and more NYX matte lipstick swatches in the next post. Thanks for reading.

It has no positives or negatives. It is a personal preference. One opinion of mine is- Some men/women dislike shiny lips since kissing typically results in them and their partner getting it all over their face, but glossy lips appeal to others like metallic to a seagull. (Not the finest comparison, but it's all I could come up with.) Some Matte lipsticks don't transfer much, but they do a bit.

It depends on what you're wearing, what event you're attending, what goes with what you're wearing, and how you've done your makeup.

Matte lipsticks provide a pure color with a smooth and uniform texture to your lips. This is in contrast to sheer or glossy lipsticks, which are all about a shiny appearance. To comprehend the beauty and appeal of this beauty, you must experience it once before falling in love with it. They are fantastic for concealing pigmented and uneven lips.

Matte lipsticks give the lips a more flat look, whilst glossy lipsticks provide the appearance of pouty full lips that are pulled forward by the light that gloss picks up.

What I truly believe is the reason matte is so trendy right now: When we look at a face, our thoughts are at work behind the scenes making judgments, assessing beauty, and so on. Some of it is inspired by nature, others by things we find particularly appealing, and some bypassing trends. The ideal beauty varies every year or few years.

Mix the lipstick with iridescent loose powder, eyeshadow, or highlighter. You may need to add a little moisturizer or gloss to help the colors mix together. However, if you want to keep the color matte, be sure you apply a moisturizer or balm on your lips first. Matte lipsticks and powders may both be drying on the lips. Experiment away!!

Before you begin applying matte lipstick, exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub to ensure they are smooth. A lip balm to keep them moisturized is also recommended, since certain matte lipsticks may be extremely drying. Personally, I find that using a lip liner makes the application go more easily, that it stays on better, and that it's simpler to color inside the lines than it is to go in freehand.

Mattes don't look well on dry lips. Prior to application, lightly pat the moistness of the lip balm dry. You can use a lipliner of the same color if you like, but if not, you can start by applying the lipstick straight. Make careful to remove any stains with tissue paper.

I’d like to share a few pointers with you

Exfoliating the lips with a sugar scrub paste, that you can make yourself.

With a soft tissue or wipe, remove the exfoliating mixture. Allow 10 minutes for the moisture to penetrate your lips.

Outline your lips with a lip liner before filling them in with the lip liner. It provides something for the lipstick to attach to and acts as a barrier between your lip and the lipstick.

A matte lipstick manufactured with high-quality ingredients is your best chance for long-lasting wear. NYX matte lipstick swatches are my favorite. The doe’s not dry and lasts all even if you use a fork while eating. Do not leave lipstick on the rims of glasses or on your loved one's cheek. After applying your lipstick, wait 5 minutes before applying a translucent setting powder and a tissue.

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